Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 5

Learn how to lose weight with our weight loss exercise routine program. diet.com Follow this workout with week 6 for a progressive workout plan to lose weight fast. Body transformation expert Stephen Cabral is featured. Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult. Perform this routine 2x a week on nonconsecutive days. Check Out Diet.com Video! Diet.com: www.diet.com Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel …

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  3. JmacKarla says:

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  4. goldlmine007 says:

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  5. very good work out. love it, ty!

  6. itsclairebitch says:

    what is the song/tune at 1.52 i love it!!!

  7. pinklashez says:

    why is this no longer avaiable to see?

  8. dancerlucky says:

    i love these videos-and she looks so fit and healthy–very inspiring.. 🙂

  9. OxNataliaOx says:

    queee? en español por favor….

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  12. Sounds like Ronald Jenkees

  13. Jesska994 says:

    great background music

  14. I especially like the first workout. Thanks!!

  15. Soccer7SG says:

    What music do you guys use? I like it!

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