What is a supplement to help lose weight and gain muscle?

I eat healthy and excersice 5 out of 7 days, is there any supplement to help enhance a workout to get more out of it ?

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  1. fitnessaholic33 says:

    There are no guarantees when it comes to supplements. What works for some, won’t work for others.

    I hit a rut for a few weeks and bought a jar of NO Xplode (fruit punch) and it definitely increased my focus and my pump. It works for some and not others but I highly recommend it. It definitely gave new life to my workouts.

    I also like to take some type of creatine after a workout (along with a protein shake.) Currently I use Cellmass (I don’t want to sound like a walking BSN ad) but it’s given pretty good results and helped me recover faster.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. Most people (at least the ones who aren’t ectomorphs) cannot manage to lose weight while putting on muscles.

    So you need to focus on which one you want to accomplish first. I would pick up weight loss because it’s more rewarding and the discipline you learn in weight loss will help you with gaining muscle later.

    In order to lose weight you need to:
    1) know your body type
    2) know your fat content
    3) know your maintenance caloric intake
    4) eat 20% less calories than 3) and
    5) do cardio (for fat burning)

    Once you’ve got down to the fat percentage you want, you’ll have to gain muscle. For this you need to:
    1) know your body type (so to know how to train accordingly)
    2) know your maintenance caloric intake
    3) eat 10% more calories than 2)
    4) do weight lifting
    5) eat 1 gr of protein per pound of weight per day
    6) eat essential fatty acids
    7) eat different kinds of protein shakes depending on the timings of your workouts

    The whey protein powders help the most in water and right after a workout. The milk protein powders help the most before sleeping and in whole organic milk (better if it is raw colostrum). Another thing that helps you leaning out and staying lean is CLA.

    You might be overtraining, or not eating in small meals or not eating right (for example, do you eat enough omega3s??? do you eat enough carbs??).

  3. Nutrilite Chromemate – helps with metabolism
    Nutirlite CLA 500 or conjugated linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid that supports lean muscle retention. There is even some evidence that it may convert calories to healthy muscles – so your body gets the most from every workout.
    Both are available at http://www.jewel.mychoices.biz

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