How do I know what brands of supplements have the potency correctly stated on the bottle?

I have heard of and seen programs where they test certain brands of vitamins and other supplements sold in drug stores. On these programs they ‘expose’ brands as not having in the ‘pill’ what the brands say they have.

For example, a glucosamine capsule which advertises 1500 units on the bottle may only have 1000. This is just an example. I do not remember the brands which were ‘bad’ nor the supplement.

So, my question is, how do I know I am paying for what I am getting? Today, I entered into a health store which sells a huge selection of vitamins and other pills. I wanted a specific supplement which might the pain I have in my rotator cuff. There were lots of these pills for joint health, and that is when I started to wonder if I am just buying a sugar pill or am I getting what it says on the bottle.

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