Supplement combination to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass?

Hi, I want to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Would 100% Whey Protein (ON) and L-Carnitine be a good and realistic combination to reach this goal? I’m a little short on money so that’s why I can only afford one type of muscle building & maintaining supplement and one type of fat loss supplement. And if that’s not a good combination, what would you say is?

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  1. First of all it is great that you are using a protein powder as the weight that you lose will be fat and muscle unless you are careful.

    Try the following things to lose fat.

    Eat very often, 6 or 7 times a day
    Make sure that every meal has protein
    Cut the carbs in your diet.
    Since you are eating lots of protein make sure you are drinking enough water to metabolize it.

    The most important thing to do to lose weight is to restrict calories while you are getting lots of exercise to keep your metabolism up. This is the reason that you need to take in the extra protein.

  2. Ronnie Hughes says:

    I always use a good lean protein. It naturaly speeds up your metabolism and helps burn fat even when your not at the gym! Use your body weight in protein. I.E. 150LB PERSON TAKES 150G PROTIEN. You can find some relatively cheap. Try optimum nutrition. I always try about 40-50 g a serving , but also get your protien intake from your meals as well . Lean chicken and turkey are great. If you want more and got the money to spend, I stack a N.O. xplode before my workouts, gives me great pumps and helps me burn up a good sweat. Dont take if you have a low tolerance to caffien! Build more muscle with protien and you will burn more fat. Remember muscle burns fat faster than fat burns itself! GOOD LUCK! Take your amino acids also, helps those muscles recover and rebuild faster!

  3. Bradley A says:

    A good lean protein is good for building muscle which in turn increases your resting metabolic rate, ie your bodies natural fat burning ability. Herbalife’s "Bulk & Muscle" has 30g of protomyosin, a blend of soy, whey and egg-white proteins and has a protein score of 1 which is the highest protein score a protein supplement can get. It works incredibly well because it energizes you, gives your body complete nutrition and will make sure you get the most out of your workouts. I persoanlly prefer to buy quality supplements instead of cheapies that don’t work well. If you really want to help get more muscle definition, I really recommend Herbalife Herbal concentrate, that you can drink before and during your workouts to keep your body in fat burning mode and to provide you with extra energy so that you have more stamina.

    Just remember that consistency is the key, if you work out regularly and eat properly while also using some good quality supplementation you should start seeing great results very soon.

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