How do I build muscle mass in my forearms?

Hello, I was wondering how I would begin to build muscle mass in my forearms. I’m a skinny guy and I would like to get more muscular. Also how would I build my pecs and what is the best way to define my abs? (Preferably things that don’t require a gym membership, cash is kinda tight right now.)
Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Hey man, there are a few things you can do if you are tight on funds and you’re willing to be creative.

    For forearms you could do something as simple as purchasing some tennis balls and squeezing them. Try performing 3 sets of 25-50 squeezes three times a day.

    For chest you could fill up a duffel bag or suitcase with a bunch of clothes or whatever and do pushups while balancing it on your back.

    For abs you could go to Wal-mart or some other store and buy a volleyball or soccer ball. Then, place it under your lower back in a normal crunch position, these reps will mimic something you’d do on a decline bench.

    If you’d like more help with building muscle feel free to check out my website link in the source box.

    Good luck!

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    Tommy Bussey

  2. Dumbells

  3. A u see ur forearms are used a lot and u don’t know because if u pick up thing ur using ur biceps and tris and also ur forearms…the best way to focus on that part is to mainly arm wrestle lol doe a lot of forearms or u can just carry weights.

    For ur abs, just do a lot( and i mean a lot) of sit-ups. u can do sit-ups anywhere…

  4. Forearms:
    Pull-ups with your palms facing you, close together
    Holding something very heavy for as long as possible

    Lots of pushups, try different variations.

    6 inches (lying down and holding your legs straight six inches off the ground)

    Obviously, these are very basic. I included stuff you could do at home with pretty much no equipment. Email if you need any more advice.

  5. buttersnotcrunchy says:

    For those things I would recommend either rock climbing, which can be expensive, or just working a wrist machine for hours a day. As far as the abs and pecs, pushups pushups and more pushups.

    Honestly though, you probably want to work out everything a little…

  6. I’ve had good luck in this area by mixing up my dumbbell curls a little.the trick is to turn your wrist slightly, so you’re not always curling with your palm facing directly towards you.

    You can feel the tension in your forearms when you do this. You can also see my blog on building muscle fast I cite below.

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