What type of supplments should I buy to build muscle mass?

I’m a male who’s been working out for 3 years (3 times a week). I’ve toned up a great deal, however, I’m not developing the muscle mass that I desire. What type of over the counter supplements should I buy to help develop muscle mass.

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  1. before u go buy supplements and stuff make sure u are:

    do calsthetics like pushups every day. make sure you eat twice as many calories as you burn, and i dont know what your routine is like, but try and eat somewhere between 4500 to 6000 calories a day.
    going to mcdonalds is NOT bad. remember, fast food is only really bad for you if you dont exercise an hour a day. cheese isnt good for you though, so id recommend chicken. lots and lots of chicken.
    to get your muscles stronger quicker, eat about 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein.
    like i said, lots and lots of chicken.
    dont forget to eat a LOT of carbs. about 250 percent of your daily requirement.

  2. First change your workout routine ,start using bigger weights and finally buy protein and take three times a day ,plus try createin

  3. Be careful with supplements. You could be just as dissapointed after spending money on them. This program teaches the TRUTH about supplements and has a complete workout schedule for building muscle mass including what foods you should be feeding your body…



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