How do i gain weight and muscle mass at the same time what do i eat?

Im trying to gain weight and muscle mass so i can fight some kid but not goignt to for a long while im curently 5,11 and i weigh 140 i need some help any suggestions?

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  1. one hope you win ha ha but go to the weight room. trust me you will notice a difference in the 1st two weeks. as of diet try eating 5-6 meals a day with alot of pasta and bread.

  2. try this video- i tried it, and it really works. You get a six pack in about three weeks, and the excercise is only about three minutes long. If u dont believe me, scroll down to look at the comments.

  3. I had your same problem. Except I was 135. Now I’m 147. I ordered this supplement that I heard about at It is definitely the best supplement I have ever taken. I have been taking it for about a month and a half. The changes my body is going through is unbelievable. I have gained so much more muscle and am getting really cut at the same time. My strength is increasing extremely fast also, and to top it of, I’ve been feeling amazing. I feel like I have an edge over everyone else now. I wish I could show you pictures. Everyone around me compliments me now. Especially when I take my shirt off. It makes you feel a lot more aggressive too. I’m a wrestler, and its been making me feel like an animal.

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