My cat is pregnant, is it okay to mix vitamins and supplement tablets with her food? Are they still effective?

My cat is pregnant and I’m giving her calcium lactate and another supplement for vitamins and minerals. What I do is crush the tablets and then mix it in with her food. Is this okay or is there a more effective way of administering the supplements? Because I don’t think I can make her swallow the tablets. Thanks!

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  1. you should consult for vet on what kind of vitamins because if you’re supplementing certain kinds of vitamins it might make her defficient in other vitamins.

    never never supplement a pregant or lactating cat with calcium. provide natural sources of calcium instead like crushed egg shells or raw chicken necks.

  2. theshadowknows says:

    Actually, mixing supplements with food is the best method of administering them. In addition, it is not stressful for the cat by attempting to shove pills down their throat.

  3. Heathergirl says:

    well contact your vet its better safe then sorry thats what i did one morning after i went to check on my rabbit selena right after my mouse died 🙁 nine bunnies well my dog hurt ones legs and one we did not fint til next morning it was bybe bye bunny sorry i got off subject
    anyway call your vet

  4. irishlass says:

    I would never give any animal any kind of meds or vitamins without talking to a vet first. You never know what the side effects may be or how they could hurt your pet or their babies. So please call the vet.

  5. Do not be giving your cat vitamins made for humans. Feed her a quality kitten cat food when pregnant – it will provide all she needs.

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