Can I build lean muscle mass with body weight excersizes?

Is it possible for me to make any noticible gains in muscle mass and strength doing "body weight" excersizes…ie. push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, tri extensions, etc. I would also be taking protein supplement in combinations with these work outs.

If it is possible please list the various excersizes I can perform to maximize growth and strength or a source I can reference.

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  1. YES! Definitely. Some people who don’t have access to a gym with weights/dumbells or access to weights at all can definitely increase their muscle mass and strength with body weight exercises. The most known and probably the most useful and used body weight exercise is the pushup. Its a great total upper body weight exercise that helps you increase your strength and mass in your chest, shoulders, triceps, and even your abs. Once you get a little stronger and pushups become too easy, try doing more reps or add weight on your back by wearing a weighted vest or a bookbag filled with sand, books, or any other househould items you could use as weight. Overhand pullups and regular pullups/chinups are a great exercise and you will definitely see an increase in bicep and back strength. But like I said before, once they become to easy, try doing more reps or wear a weighted vest etc. Doing dips on between two chairs are great for strengthening your chest, triceps, and shoulders, but mainly your chest and triceps. And plus your taking protein supplements so you will definitely see results. Hope this helped. =DD

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