Are there any good ways to lose muscle mass, therefore losing lbs on the scale?

I am 5 foot 4 inches, and I weigh 136 lbs. I excercise regularly, and I have more muscle mass than most girls my size. I want to lose some muscle mass, but I don’t want to stop working out.

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  1. Big fella says:

    Lean muscle mass is not only healthy it is very attractive!!

    Use you bodyfat or skin fold score as a guide to where you should be – below 24% is healthy for a female and around 18% elite.

    If you feel you are too bulky looking instead of thinking of losing your valuable lean muscle just think a little instead on how you shape it. Ease back on the weights and instead use the same time to add in a little higher endurance work – more time on cycle, treadmill or rower working at a level that has your heart rate around 135-145 bpm and with your weights lower weight used a little and add more reps – say 15-25 reps per set. This will shape up the muscle mass you have – be proud of your wonderful atheltic build – it will serve you a lifetine of good health if you respect it.

  2. increase aerobic exercise (e.g. long distance running), and reduce caloric intake. it’s that simple. just remember though that the less muscle you have, the less calories you burn during activities, so don’t lose too much muscle.

  3. alcohol_my_ANTI-drug says:

    don’t eat… that make you loose muscle, and since you work out you can still keep your muscles…. and you can loose a lot of weight by not eating

  4. hookie rg says:

    are you going for the "I’m hungry look" i you are starve and exercise

  5. It sounds as if you are doing the right thing for total fitness. If you truly are worried about bulkiness, though, try decreasing a little of your protein intake and lifting lighter weights in the areas where you want the mass to slim down. Please don’t do it just because of your number, though – you are very likely at a healthy weight if it is more muscle than fat.

  6. This is a first, Ive never seen a fit young women who was blessed enough to have some decent muscle mass, want to lose it. Im insanely jealous. Grin.

    I can only assume at your height and weight you have done some resistance training to get your increased muscle mass. This one is simple, dont lift anymore for now.

    As far as still wanting to work out, get nuts on the cardio. Cardio is going to burn your calories and work your cardiovascular. Yes it does still work your muscles but not in the way lifting does. If you cut down your caloric intake along with all the cardio, your body may feel starved. It will at that time start taking fuel from your muscles and fat to survive. But all this is not healthy by a long shot. Its ok to use fat as a fuel source, but not your muscles. Make sure when you are working out you are getting enough protein.

  7. Rosie Young says:

    WHY would you want to harm your body by depleting your muscle mass? That’s what raises your metabolism and makes you sleek and hard. Don’t look at the scale. Look at your body in the mirror and your clothes. Muscle weighs 2.5 times as a chunk of fat the same size. You don’t give your measurements but I bet they are fine. Have your body fat percentage tested at a gym–I bet it’s really low.

  8. Don’t stop working out, don’t stop eatting. Do more arobics but I got to tell you a tone and muscular woman around your size sounds sexy. How many girls your size do you think really work out.
    I would say you are fine, in more ways then one, and continue what your are doing.

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