Group Meditation: A Skill and a Science. (II)

Makes a contribution to our incentive. We can have a bigger impetus to perform our daily practice as the group gives us a sense of belonging and identity as a mediator and promotes us to do good enough to contribute something positive in the subsequent session. Although ideally our incentive must be internal, many individuals need an extra push to keep on the practice even in hard times.

We develop a web of similar minded friends. These are folks you can turn to when we would like to get guidance or talk about our experiences because their views and interests are like ours.


Agree on the kind of meditation. We must reach a general agreement with the other group members on the type of meditation practice, but most could be decided by a single sort of meditation, which could be very effective for us.

Accept the time of meditation. If the group comes to a decision to meditate for a substantial period of time (as an example one hour) we're going to have to do the activity during that period, even if we are able to not or don't want to do for such a long time. (Ley de Atraccion)

The group’s convictions. Some meditation techniques (and groups) are based primarily on a selected religion or philosophy that may not be compatible with ours.

The energy of the group. In some sorts of meditation, we experience a significant increase in energy and if the amount is over we may feel overwhelmed or confused nonetheless , some groups do meditation exercises governing energy in the group.AtreveteAVivir

Visualisation exercise for meditation group

Before to do exercise, concentrate on your respiring, breathe through your nose and count to 10 as you breathe out, when you get to 10, repeat the process again for a while.


– Visualize a ball of white light above the head of your head, smaller compared to the dimensions of your head. There's a definite form is pure white energy. You don't focus on the details just try to feel it’s there.

– Imagine the light is all pure love of the universe, achieving the full potential of living beings possess.

– Visualize as the ball is getting smaller until the dimensions of your thumb, then the ball goes OTT of your head and down to the level where your heart is.

– Now the light is expanded and all of the material it’s made, your body melts into light. Just there's a light body is formless.

– Focus on the feeling that you body produces this light, any Problems or negative things are gone, leaving only peace and contentment.

– Whenever distracting thoughts come your mind , melt them in the light.

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