Use Music For Better Health

Music has been proven to benefit us in many ways including pain relief, smarter thinking, and fighting disease. I do not know about you but I think most people like some form of music. Heat disease, asthma, Alzheimer’s, have been getting treated for years with music therapy, by certified therapist.

Music stimulates the release of pain masking Endorphin’s in the brain. Research has shown that simply listening to 1 hour of music a day can ease pain by 20 percent. You can reduce the cost and side effects of using so much pain medications.

Using music along with images can be very strong. You focus on an image that you want to produce a sensation that creates the emotions you want to feel. What you do is focus on an image that results in you feeling a certain way. If you add some music to it – it will be stronger.

Follow these steps to do it. Look around your house for a nice quiet spot to sit down and relax. Then have a seat kick your feet up and close you eyes. Pick out some music that will help produce the emotions you would like.

Then you can sit back and think of the image, breathe deeply and focus. If you start to lose focus you can calmly listen to the music to regain your focus. Enjoy the music and relax for as long as you can after the music stops.

The more you do this the more it will benefit you. Practicing will help you get better and you will be able to focus anywhere. You will be able to naturally produce the emotions just my focusing your mind.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Listening to music improved people’s sleep habit in as little as 4 weeks. It is called brain music therapy and it boosts the level of melatonin which the brain links to sleeping.

Are you dealing with a bout of depression? Depression is very common to go through at some point in a persons life. You can reduce the feeling of depression by 25 percent listening to classical music. Music has also been found to lower blood pressure and ward off fatigue during exercise.

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