Cure Diabetes

Pre diabetes is where the blood sugar (glucose) level is higher than the normal, but not that high to be called diabetes, this condition is also called borderline diabetes. People with pre diabetes are considered to be at high risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

There are three types of diabetes, which are; type 1 diabetes caused by the body failing to produce insulin and this require the person with this type to inject insulin in the body this type is diagnosed by both adults and children , type 2 is when the cells fails to respond or to use the insulin as required, mostly it is found in those with obesity because the fats in their tissues causes imbalance of the insulin in the body, the third type is called gestational diabetes this is mostly found in pregnant women when their blood glucose level is high but only during pregnancy. Reversing diabetes is quite possible and achievable.

Magnesium is a mineral that is readily found in vegetables, nuts, and grains. Magnesium can be used for treating diabetes. Substantial clinical studies are yet to be done to link magnesium for treating diabetes. Still, there are substantial proofs that indicate how people with low levels of magnesium have low or inadequate sugar levels. Those with diabetes should ensure that their diet consists of adequate supply of magnesium as a means of naturally treating diabetes.

The type of diabetes treatment prescribed by a physician depends greatly on the type that one has. People that have Type 1 diabetes have to take insulin because their bodies do not produce enough of it. Those who Type 2 diabetes have to take medications that lower blood sugar called oral hypoglycemics, but they may or many not have to take insulin. Women that develop diabetes during their pregnancy usually have to take anti-diabetic drugs along with insulin for their diabetes treatment.

Aloe Vera can be used for naturally treating diabetes. When it is in its gel form, it contains active ingredients that can be effectively used to treat diabetes. Aloe Vera has mostly been used for treating skin problems. It is only recently that its ability for treating diabetes was discovered. Even though many studies have not been done to prove this, there are significant numbers of cases that have confirmed their effectiveness in treating diabetes.

So why not practice all that is said and keep your body healthy and free from this chronic disease.

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