Invisalign Is An Ideal Alternative For Adult Braces

The choice between traditional methods of straightening teeth and the unobtrusive invisalign process seems simple for many adults. Those needing to catch up on orthodontic work no longer have to anticipate wearing a mouthful of metal braces for many months. This relatively new dental technology makes it possible to straighten out crooked or poorly aligned teeth without drawing personal attention during the process.

The cosmetic factor alone is very important for people whose job can make personal appearance very important, such as those who routinely speak to groups. Visual advantages are not the only recommendation, however. This method makes it possible to remove the appliances while eating, drinking, and during oral hygiene, and places no restrictions on the types of foods that can be easily consumed.

The braces or dental trays that apply a constant pressure are constructed from comparatively soft, non-irritating plastics, and cause much less tissue damage during the course of treatment. Older bracket and wire technology can encourage problems such as resorption, when can shorten existing teeth. The associated wires cannot be easily removed without the aid of a dentist, making them difficult to clean. The result can be irritated gums, and even some types of decay.

Adjustments usually occur more often when using invisalign. Based on computer projections, a new mold is introduced around every two weeks, eliminating the need to tighten metal bands or fasteners. This type of computer analysis gives patients a solid idea of the way their teeth will ultimately look, and is an integral part of the process. Total time spent in treatment is often less by comparison.

In adult patients, that time may be as few as twelve to eighteen months. Younger wearers choosing this method usually wear them for a time comparable to metal treatments, but are able to see the changes more readily, and experience less self-consciousness during the process. Checkups to gauge tooth movements are usually scheduled at six-week intervals, because the patient already has the next tray on hand.

For some wearers, the ultimate result may be longer lasting than traditional dental work. Even with the highest quality materials and workmanship, crowns, veneers, bridgework and even implants have the potential to fail over time. Retaining and saving original teeth makes this outcome less likely, and make overall maintenance simpler and more efficient, reducing the chances for decay.

No straightening method is completely free from discomfort, and removing them more often than recommended may be tempting. They generally must be worn a minimum of 20-22 hours per day to be truly effective. Taking them out too often, or leaving them out for lengthy periods may caused the next mold to fit improperly, and a new impression may be needed, adding to the overall length of treatment.

Invisalign is not effective for every type of dental alignment problem, and its cost may be somewhat higher. The overall effect of improper tooth and jaw position is too important to ignore, however, and it is never too late to inquire about a corrective plan. This method can be the best solution for many older people, and provides an appealing and attractive alternative to more commonly used treatments.

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