Does running in the morning result in loss of muscle mass?

I’ve been reading up on early jogging, and i found in a lot of sites that its actually helpful. But other sites also said to run in the afternoon. This is because running burns fat, but also uses muscle mass. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I’m a real morning person, and always take a jog. I would hate to go against my muscle-building work outs, but also hate to quit jogging. My question is, is this muscle-loss statement true?

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  1. I don’t think it’s true. I mean, it’s not even logical.
    Your body is a marvelous machine. If you use a muscle, it will make sure that muscle is still there tomorrow if you need it. If you push your muscles too hard, your body will make sure they repair stronger.

    I think the only ways you can lose muscle mass are…
    1) You’re getting older and your metabolism is slowing down because you’re losing muscle mass. You can fix that with weight training to maintain or rebuild your muscle mass.
    2) You don’t exercise (use it or lose it). Like people in hospital, bed ridden (coma…). Even astronauts lose muscle mass just because they don’t use them in a non-gravity environment. Unless they exercise, they will barely be able to walk once they’re back on earth. Worse, they lose bone density (osteoporosis). So they have to use a floating treadmill that is so funny, I put the link in the source.
    3) Your body has nothing else for energy (no fat reserves) because you’re starving to death (like skin and bones anorexics, sick people or concentration camps’ prisoners) and is therefore using your muscle fibers for fuel so you stay alive.
    4) You lost a limb or several limbs, a leg, an arm…and the muscles that go with it.

    I’m pretty sure some websites would try to make you believe that you’re losing muscle mass while exercising, that is why you need to buy their “supplements” in order to avoid that! They go after people who don’t exercise and try to sell them some pills so they can lose weight, or clean their colons, making them believe there’s 10 to 40 pounds of caked junk in there!!!

    All that said, I personally cannot exercise on either an empty stomach or a full one (I feel weak and everything is hard) but some people can exercise early in the morning, because their body has a unique ability to tap easily into fat reserves. I wish I could do that and not have to eat first and then wait for one hour.
    Some people are genetically predisposed for endurance (aerobic activity) while others are genetically predisposed for weightlifting (anaerobic activity). You are genetically predisposed for early morning activities.

    At the end, all you have to do is listen to your body.

  2. running make u lose ur muscle mass?are u joking? it even helps me make more muscles

  3. Muscle loss could happen from two things, neither of which has anything to do with the morning.

    The first way is that you run too frequently, and don’t give your legs time to rebuild.

    The second is that your body doesn’t have enough carbs and/or fat, so your body burns the muscles instead.

  4. Cyclomega says:

    If you run in the morning, before any form of breakfast, than yes, it may result in a loss of muscle mass. This is because, in the absence of energy, the first thing the body uses is muscle mass, because of how easy it is to break down.

  5. Prism Eyes says:

    Not as long as you’re eating healthy. You should have a good breakfast that includes protein within one hour after you have stopped running.

  6. If you don’t eat first thing in the morning your body will use your muscles as energy. This is called a catabolic reaction and is one of the annoying survival traits the body has. Personal i find running at night, coupled with a couple of sprint sessions in the week to be much more effective.

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