how much of my muscle mass will i keep only running?

I injured my wrist (jan 1st) lifting so i can’t work out any more. I’ve been doing a lot of running and my wrist should be fully recovered by mid March.

Will running just tone the muscle mass i have? How much muscle mass will i loss in 3 months by just running?

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  1. Apollenaire says:

    If you increased your muscle mass by lifting you will lose quite a bit of it by not lifting. Running will tone the muscle you need to run which isn’t much. I can’t say I know lifting like I know running but if a runner had to stop running for 3 months they would be starting from scratch when they returned.
    You can at least keep your lower body from losing much muscle mass by doing body weight squats and lunges.
    Good luck!

  2. amznf4lc0 says:

    You wont lose any muscle mass. How would that even be possible. Why would you lose muscle mass if you run? -.- and dude your knees are crackin and your bones are breakin…drink some milk yo


    Running will only tone the muscle that you have, the only thing you will lose is body fat that you don’t need.

  3. depends on how much you run, how much muscle you have already and what your diet is like. If your eating pretty close to your metabolism without running then you’ll lose a bit when running. Running wont tone your muscles(except your legs)…it’ll help burn calories or fat from allover which will make you look more toned. Toning is done more with resistance training though. Add protein drinks to your diet to help your body recover and help keep the muscle you have.

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