Can you maintain muscle mass without protein shakes?

I have a toned body with decent muscle mass, i don’t want to get any bigger

I follow a healthy diet including some protein such as chicken or eggs in my breakfast, lunch and dinner
I lift weights 3-4 times/week and 3 cardio session.

Can i maintain my current muscle mass without any protein shakes? Or will i lose my hard earned muscles once i stopped my protein shakes?

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  1. livelikenotomorrow253 says:

    protein shakes alone are not some miracle food. It’s protein and if you look at it from a macro nutrient then as long as you eat enough protein from eggs fish chicken etc and eat 5 meals and base you meals on lean protein it should be fine. You would lose more muscle from not working out. unless you are training like an athlete then in that case you could lose some. 1.6g of protein per pound of lean muscle mass is a good number to shoot for.

  2. Young Marine Corps says:

    Yeah man steak chicken has alot of protein also might sound dumb but breast milk from a female like babies drink. It has nutrients also protein in it body builders pay big money for it.

  3. Not really. Protein basically speeds up the process of building AND maintaining muscle mass. It’s basically like feeding your muscles, if you dont they’ll "starve."

  4. yeah, just continue to get a high protein diet, chicken, eggs, etc

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