What Kinds of Cat Vitamin Supplement Can I Buy?

I have an 8 week old kitten, and my roommate has a 1 year old cat. My roommate’s cat is overweight and we are having a problem with the cat eating the kitten’s food. I spoke with my vet yesterday and he said we can put both cats on normal cat food and give my kitten a vitamin supplement that will give her the nutrients she needs as a kitten. Does anyone know the names of some of the supplements I can buy?

For those who might answer giving my kitten scheduled feedings to keep the older cat from eating the kitten food… Four days out of the week I am away from home from 10AM-12AM and so I cannot feed her throughout the day unless the food is out at all times.

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  1. Menagerie_Manor says:

    Agree with putting the kitten in a separate room with its own food when you are not there.
    Supplements just aren’t as good as one of the complete kitten dry foods. Specially when she is only 8 weeks old.

    Please give her dry food on a regular basis as her main food, it is better for her teeth. We see so many cats with bad teeth and gum problems due to them being fed mainly wet foods.
    We give the kittens a small amount of wet food day and night but the dry kitten food is always on offer.
    My own cats have the dry food on offer all day. The (foster) kittens have theirs on offer all the time as well, but I have a huge cage (is actually a extra large dog crate) for them and when they are out playing in the house, it is closed up so that the adults cant get to the kitten food. Maybe you could get a crate as well and shut her in there when you arent there. Will toys and hanging things she will not get bored.

  2. probably would have been better off getting another adult cat.

    Any vitamins/supliments from grocery store or wal mart are junk – go to proper pet supply store and ask them.
    Your kitten should be fed a SMALL amount of canned kitten food 3 times a day (1 teaspoon per feeding) chicken and rice for kittens… or keep the kitten in a room to itself when you are not home and feed it seperately in there.

  3. catloversq says:

    Fel-o-vite is a supplement that I use. They also make a version to help cats gain weight. I used that for a cat that had a traumatic injury and lost a lot of weight.

    Have you tried putting the two cats in separate rooms while you are gone? That way they could each have their own food.

  4. your vet will give it to you. you dont want to get the wrong supplement. she needs all she can get at her early age, but not without a experts opinion. call another vet and ask what you could buy over the counter, if petsmart or your local pet supplier doesn’t carry anything like that then your vet is where you need to go.

  5. Cherrylou says:

    You have a definite problem and I’m no vet, but personally I think your vet’s answer stinks. Do you have a trusted neighbor or family member that you can share pet babysitting with? Your kitty needs to eat! If you can work out a mutual caretaking arrangement with another person, or pay a TRUSTED person to come in, play with the cats, feed them, change their water (this is a must) it is ideal! Please consider such an arrangement!

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