can we take supplement tablets like protein supplement for good health?

hi as a strong resolution i had stopped taking tablets for any small illness and so more than a year passed without taking any tablets at all …now i feel like taking supplement like protein should i go for it willl it suite my body will it help me …..please suggest

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  1. hello friend…

    yeah sure there is nothing wrong with that…as the majority of us are relying on them…just read the amount of vitamins indicated in the packet..make sure it includes high percentage of vitamins, proteins, calcium, irons and so on…

    I myself stopped taking them since 3 to 4 years,,but now i got back to the positive habit of relying on them everyday before heading to campus…i found it is really good for a body consuming so much caffeine daily…

    It is just so good & it does work for me…

  2. Hi, there is no need for them whatsoever! They are just a very expensive form of protien that can much more easily and cheaply be consumed in ones normal diet. Try fish, poultry, soy beans or meat, cheese or yogurt for more added health benifits at a cheaper price.

  3. If you are an old person , then have supplement tablets.

    If you are a young or an adult, it is better to avoid. Depend a lot on vegetables and other is not only safe but have no side effects. and cheaper too!
    Most of the tablets have side effects in one way of the other.

  4. why tablets, take enough leafy vegetables & fruits. take enough citrus fruits to build strong immune system.

  5. yes we can but, make sure to work out with these supplement;.

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