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  1. CwazyKeith says:

    I used to be big into the NO shotgun as my pre work-out supp but then I started cycling 60% Icariin Capsules within my stack and these babies kill the NO shotgun hands down.

    Done 6 months (of course with break of periods) on the 60% icariin caps so far and not had any bad sides at all.

  2. ciscoair1 says:

    try SUPER PUMP 250

  3. pmcmasterfunk21 says:

    take jack3d it is better than anything. taste good no crash no shits and it works great

  4. dubc4lifelilo says:

    no shotgun is pretty much the best. no explode has nothing on no shotgun or black powder

  5. ThePlayboyShort says:

    i take this stuff called Penis pump. Its really good

  6. Curatalo506 says:

    Im taking NO shotgun right now, and I didnt think the taste was that horendous lol. None of my supps taste “good”.

    But yah, it really pumps your muscles, so you lookj like a sexy animal. But gives you a false feeling of bigger-ness.

    Still a good supp and definately gives u energy

  7. JohnnyExtremer says:

    He’s talking aboot all those things in high amounts, most of wat you pay for is fillers. The guy was trying to help you out but whatever dude go pay your 40-60 bucks for fillers that don’t benefit your body.

  8. awesomeo123456 says:

    I usually like to work out in the morning,
    meaning I can never get to my “peak”.
    I was looking for a product similar to NO-xplode or jacked,
    but do to medical reasons, I cant take creatine.
    Does anyone know of anything that can fit my needs?

  9. quietlydestroythem says:

    anyone can give me info about sixstar protein? thank u in advance guys….

  10. skater4nater says:

    im just waiting to see that one guy that thinks hes funny to post “what about steroids?”

  11. boldaman2010 says:

    Im pretty sure ive done my research and ill be fine if i take pre workout till the day i die. I take pre workout for 3 months at at time and then stay off for a few weeks, to get my tolerance back down. I dont like when people who are half my size give me advice cuz i guarantee i shit on you in the gym…

  12. yea well caffeine before a workout is a different story and of course these supplements are harmful…maybe you should do some research

  13. boldaman2010 says:

    Ok sweet …. haha caffeine is in pop and we give it to little kids, people drink coffee and tea every day whats in that ? Caffeine. As for colors and and flavors … really dude you cant be seriously things you eat everyday has something artificial in it, so dont nitpick.

  14. ChrisMichas says:

    no explode is the best it has gotten best no drink and best muscle builder for the past 4 years

  15. DWdrummerFX says:

    uhh it is mildly. Caffeine is a drug by definition and artificial colors and flavors arent healthy

  16. blahblah5492 says:

    jack3d is by far the best pre-workout supplement and it is halr the price of no explode.

  17. boldaman2010 says:

    Your an idiot if you think pre workout is harmful.

  18. AmericanPowerBase says:

    What kind of a child says “I dare you”? —oh yeah…..they all do… Do your research and stop being such a namby-pamby! I hope you find something to increase your T level before you hit puberty, or you might end up Marymadwoman!

  19. marshallmadman says:

    What kind of moron says “check nutz”? I was simply stating fact. Link me to a legit, double blind study that proves Tribulus Terrestris increases “total testosterone”. I dare you.

  20. AmericanPowerBase says:

    That’s not true. Check nutz!

  21. grandconjunct says:

    I meant Jerry Brainum Hes the guru the leading natural body builders all follow and the Leading expert in world on Supplements and seems to be one of few not owned by any supplement corporations!

  22. grandconjunct says:

    HMB only builds muscle in beginning body builders (first 4 months) works great, but for advanced body builders HMB only allows you to shed fat in a cutting phase & keep muscle, after 4 months switch to BCAA’s indefinitely, some are non responders to HMB & Creatine very true , Tribulus helps your sex life for a few days then it plummets and its useless for body building, Use Long Jack for sex drive and Novedex XT for body building testosterone is the best , Learn from Jeremy Brainum , Think !

  23. thefool1234 says:

    no, it actually widens the blood arteries. In the long run, studies have shown that Nitric Oxide reduces blood pressure.

  24. supernova58 says:

    I have never used Nitride Oxide,but one thing about it that makes me stay away is that, I wonder if it increases blood bump into vessels and muscles, then this also happens to the vessels in the brain, which can be very dangerous!

  25. collin355 says:

    you dont even need whey protein..just eat alot of good’ll make better gains..

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