muscle mass?

I have a pretty muscly build, infact at the moment my body fat levels are in the ‘lean’ category. Im wondering how I can lose weight without building muscle and getting bigger? I want to slim down, because I feel as if I have a fair bit of body fat.


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  1. eat healthy,eat less,drink a lot of water(cause it fills you up),and do some light exercise like 30-60 min walking or jogging everyday.

  2. eat less fat

  3. 1- you just said that you are in the lean category… what fat are you talking about? lean means you can see the outline of your obliques without flexing if you’re a woman.

    2- have you been weight training heavy for years? if not, i don’t think you have significant muscle mass.

    3- you cannot get bigger while losing bodyfat… to gain muscle you need to be on a caloric surplus. to lose fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit. the two contradict each other. Even advanced bodybuilders on steroids can’t build muscles and lose fat at the same time.

    do a search on monica brant and jamie eason… those are muscular builds with very little body fat… do you look like that?

  4. agreed with bu_selmo.
    dont worry about getting muscles.. you dont gain muscles easily. even if you wanted to. so go to gym and and start working out. it looks better if you have some muscles to give you a sporty and healthy look.

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