What Is a Naturally Thin Person

Paul McKenna, Geneen Roth, and a handful of other experts are talking about what it means to be a naturally thin person. Marna Goldstein, owner of ThinWithinU.com and ThinWithin.com, will share what it means to live, think, and eat like a naturally thin person. … “weight loss ebook” “healthy weight” “fastest way to lose” “quick weight loss” “stop overeating” “thin within” “marna goldstein thall” “naturally thin”

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  1. Wrote that message 6 months ago and still have the same problem, im too thin ! I try to take weight but no nothing, too hard. I seriously think taking weight is much more difficult than losing, you need to build your body and it is not as simple as it seems !!

  2. Shad0wSt0rm360 says:

    It’s going great so far. I’ve been working out for about almost a month and i can see and feel results already. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be like 2 or 3 months from now.

  3. thinwithin says:

    Thank you!

  4. thinwithin says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m jealous of all you naturally thin folks as it’s not natural for me – but it’s getting easier all the time!

  5. thinwithin says:

    You are so right. Not all naturally thin people love their bodies. Being thin and being in love with your body are two different things. My hope is that you learn to have both!

  6. thinwithin says:

    What would it take for you to honor and love your body as it is right now? That’s the goal! We all of have parts and pieces that we’d like to improve, but loving through the improvement stage is key!

  7. thinwithin says:

    Getting in the habit of overeating would just be destructive to you and your body. Have you thought of exercising more or lifting weights more to increase your metabolic rate which will increase your hunger as well?

  8. thinwithin says:

    Working out is a healthy and wonderful weight to add muscle. My husband has the exact same issue and lifting weights can be great. Keep it up and keep me posted how it’s going.

  9. honeycookie131 says:

    Do you think I’m naturally thin? I am 50kg,female and 5’4 tall and im soon gonna turn 13. trust me, I eat A LOT!!!! whenever and how much I want,and I gain up to 2-3 pounds but the next day I’m 50kg AGAIN!!!! its realllyyyyy fustrating,my family and friends keep telling and forcing me to eat but im sooo sick of eating. I do have little curves and im very slim. if i eat a lot,after i have a little muffin top lol

  10. Shad0wSt0rm360 says:

    I’m a guy, I’m naturally thin, and believe me, it sucks. I can eat what ever I want and not gain a pound. It’s like I’m burning calories in my sleep! So I’ve begun to work out everyday to hopefully pack on many extra pounds.

  11. Saerendib says:

    i weigh 52k and I am 1.65 tall, I wish I could put some weight on, at least 3 beatuiful kilos. But I just cannot eat more than my stomach allows me, so I eat, feel satisfied, and not eat until the next meal, Food just is not that attractive to me .

  12. thinwithin says:

    Enjoy it! All of us who have struggled with weight are incredibly jealous. Keep listening to your body!

  13. PinkWeeds says:

    I’m one of those annoying naturally thin people who eats whatever/whenever I want and have no idea how bad the food I eat is for me. I keep telling the people who aren’t naturally thin that a diet is the worst way to go about losing weight but they just roll their eyes at me.

  14. lovetosing108 says:

    i completely agree.
    i wish i had a bit more fat.
    i weigh 6,8 and im in my teens.

  15. Hmm I’m naturally thin but I am not active or anything. And you’re right, I don’t count my callories…lol

    I can eat whatever I want and stay slim 🙂

  16. MightyDucksGrl says:

    True, I can eat whenever I want. However, I do get on the scale. I just started watching my fat and whatnot because I don’t like my stomach. I’m 5’7″ and about 114 pounds.
    I also agree with babyjane. I’m not happy with my body. I don’t look proportionate… I feel like my stomach sticks out and everything else is just… so skinny.
    I am naturally thin, though.

  17. babyjanexo94 says:

    I’m naturally thin- and I eat whatever I want whenever I want. But the only thing I disagree with you is the point that naturally thin people are happy with their bodies. I am not very happy with my body- I feel too skinny almost. I would rather the curves.

  18. Im a natural thin person and I can tell you that what she says iss true. I eat whatever I want, wherever I am and I never take a look at my health and I stay thin since i’m born.

  19. excellent video…..

  20. BTW – I think I like you Marna! ;-))
    Greez, Helga

  21. First it starts in our HEAD! And then – you must change your life.
    Don`t think a lot about diets or anything else…
    Just “change your mind” helps.
    And everybody must find their own “way”!

  22. wow thanks. You make me feel happy about being naturally thin.

  23. AspiringTopModel says:

    I am a naturally thin person. And I am black.

  24. hey why not try eating “natural” foods if you want to be “naturally” thin. If someone is eating an “unnatural” diet, then it just good genetics that are keeping them going. You can be a moderate smoker, but that doesn’t make it the best option even if you look like brad pitt. Stick to fresh whole foods and the body will “naturally” regulate itself and you won’t need to undergo any food rituals.

  25. loginsophie2 says:

    naturally thin is what I am, I eat a lot of food and don’t seem to ever put any weight on. I don’t do exercise or anything like that. I’m just naturally thin. Can anyone accept that? No, didn’t think so.

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