Can the benefits of certain foods really be captured in a supplement?

I read an article about 10 superfoods and it was apparent that these foods are difficult and sometimes expensive to obtain.

So I was wondering if anyone knows a lot about supplements and if they could really capture the benefits of these foods in a pill form?

Please don’t try selling me on a particular supplement and don’t send links to websites selling their product.

I want to hear from someone that has been to school on chemistry or medical or whatever field supplements fall under.

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  1. I’ve studied health and nutrition in college, and one of the themes we discussed was whether vitamin pills or supplement pills were really as good as getting it from a food. There is no way to prove it by opinion but I’m sure there were studies done.. I think that the general idea taht I read about was that the pill is never going to be as good as the food itself. Also, if you are taking a condensed version of any vitamin or anything, your body will not use it all, it will come in too big of a load to "soak up".

    But there has to be at least some benefit to taking supplement.. your body wil at least get something out of it, even though it probably cannot get all of it.

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