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  1. shes really trying hard to sell lipo-femme.

  2. Hey good for you… keep it up!

  3. boykin111 says:

    all u used was lipo-femme and working out, please comment me back.


  4. luisacer89 says:

    I was dissapointed when she didn’t turn around to show her butt =[[

  5. dsmartshetty says:

    f*ck the wt loss …gal do u have more videos of u in bikinis ???….u look hot

  6. RocktheStageNYC says:

    there’s a extremely easy weight loss program that doesn’t cost you anything…ready? here goes….

    eat less, move more

    yes, it is really as simple as that.

  7. observer75 says:

    You mean all over your keyboard as usual, you pathetic, zit faced, half-male. I should have known I would hit a sensitive nerve with that one and cause you to tailspin into nerd rage.

  8. irongiant101 says:

    i dont believe in any pills and that stuff. im not saying it doesnt work i just prefer things that are natural as them come. eat a really healthy diet, work out correctly and on a daily basis and you’re set.

  9. I will – all over you mothers tits, or your daughters, or whoever you feel it to be most offensive. Don’t start calling people nerds -paticularly ones like me who can talk the talk back at fucks like you who post insulting comments. You want a fight? Well here you have one fuck face. Next?

  10. observer75 says:

    Calm down, horny nerd. Go masturbate.

  11. tonyvalente says:

    now you need a personality. wack ass

  12. Bullseye7321 says:

    well since you’re desperate about losing weight, you could try a low carb diet, you would have to stop eating stuff like cereals, bread potatoes even some types of fruits (specially tropical fruit), it works very very well, but there’s the downside of being very very limited to only low carb foods, but it works wonders.
    also, instead of eating big dinner and lunch try eating very little at dinner breakfast, and lunch and eat snacks more times (by snacks I mean low carb low cal food)

  13. LatinSoul89 says:

    do they sell this in stores? how long did it take for u to lose the weight?

  14. My good good you are gorgeous. XX

  15. fruityrupis says:

    im a young age ( basically i just became a teen) and my parents have been nagging me to lose weight. I’ve tried exercising but it did not help at all. And it seems as if i gained weight. But any way i heard of the acai berry thing and i want to try it to see if it works but i also want to try the lipo-femme thing. im torn between both things. If any one has a way for me to lose weight please reply to this!!!! Im desprate!!!!!!!!!

  16. sexiibabydoll87 says:


  17. bonbon44041 says:

    Did you have any side affects with Lipo Femme. I really want to try it but I’m scared of getting sick. I really really need to lose weight!!! I”ve tried so many things!

  18. Hey ATHENAetc,
    I want to reduce 30lbs,….and want to try lipofemme …but i m still afraid to try the product….and dont want to waste my money….is it really helpful to reduce weight ??


    im not fat but i have a little fat on my belly. does lipfemme give sideeffects? does it make you cant sleep?

  20. Lipo-femme should snag you as their spokesperson! You and your results ROCK!!! Just beautiful

  21. dancesonpoles says:

    You’re so gorgeous.

  22. WOW… Thanks so much. I’m so excited for you!

  23. Oh my gosh! That bikini is super cute! You look amazing btw…not to sound creepy or anything. lol. But I’m excited because I have already lost 8 pounds!!! I am super happy I got lipo-femme!

  24. ATHENAetc says:

    hey millions! I usually just take 1 before breakfast. Sometimes I’ll take one if I’m going to the gym b/c it helps burn more fat while you exercise (thermogenic).

  25. millions1479 says:

    how many times a day did you take lipo femme

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