What is the best type of supplement for maintaining muscle mass?

Ex.- Amino acids, protein, glutamine, creatine, etc. I don’t have the money for all of them, so I need to know which one (used alone) will work best for maintaining muscle mass. Thanks

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  1. Jukebox_out-of-Order! says:

    Protein…. If you have enough protein then you don’t need anything else to buy, as long as you eat enough calories so your body uses the protein to build muscle and not as food.

    So if you eat good hearty meals, all you really need is protein (glutamine helps but not necessary).

  2. Protein, protein, protein. Not only the best, but the easiest, too.

  3. First of all eat high protein foods – milk,yogurt,nuts,fish,lean meat, etc.

    I personally find Whey Protein to be the best supplement in today’s market.

    All the best.

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