Ann Wilson of Heart undergoes weight loss surgery

Discovery Health Channel special chronicling veteran rocker and lead singer of Heart, Ann Wilson’s battle with obesity and her life-changing decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

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  1. RockFrank76 says:

    Ann is a great person, I love her.

  2. dear ann wilson-
    your voice is INCREDIBLE!!!! no matter what your size .
    You give me goose bumps.

  3. dumgasmedia says:

    even her speaking voice is beautiful.x

  4. yieldyieldyield says:

    That’s so true. I suffer from food addiction myself, and even though I reduced my weight down to 150 lbs from 220 pounds, food was always still in the back of my mind. It is definitely mentally equal to any other addiction.

  5. listenbich says:

    Ann is a food addict, no different than all the drug addicts in rock n roll.

  6. thoomolong says:

    She made it a guys against women thing. All the suits and all the GUYS in the band came and had “the talk” with her. So Nancy NEVER said anything to her about her weight? BULL.

  7. muzicrox9 says:

    thats too bad , i hoped that th lap band would help her self-esteem i know she struggles with that because of the press

  8. muzicrox9 says:

    i think she was massive because she said she lost 50 lbs. and wants to lose another 45 lbs. so thats nearly 100 lbs. overweight which might have been a health issue for her. you sure couldnt tell it from her singing though,it is and always has been AWESOME!

  9. ultragooey says:

    Ann Wilson isn’t a fashion model. What she does best is sing, and no amount of superlatives will do that voice justice.

    She’s 59 this year, and she still belts out songs they put out 30 years ago with the same energy and range. Think about who’s popular now and in their prime, and ask yourself whether they’ll be able to deliver with the same intensity in 20-30 years..

  10. People…looks are but a fleeting thing. But great music lives on forever. Very few men or women can match the range or strength of Ann’s voice. She kicks ass! I mean that in the present tense too. I rencently saw them in Denver and they still can “Kick it out!” Ann and Nancy are two of the greatest musicians/artists of all time….male or female. I don’t think they have gotten the credit they deserve for paving the way for women rockers. Thanks for being my inspiration ladies!

  11. ya know, two beautiful rock women, been at it for years, So what if she put on weight, shes hot women, the both are, both different, yes she had problems, its also metal with weight. She really wasnt massive either and it obviously took a lot of soul seaching to do that because its not an easy thing to do in the first place

  12. MrComputerIntelligei says:

    ahh….Ann you were so close!

  13. Maxwell2323 says:

    You are a major bowser. woof woof. Butt ugly.

  14. That’s because people are a-holes.Your beautiful!!

  15. TheBloodySapphire says:

    okay first of all i am not fat, my weight is 130 and i am 5;8. do not talk to me like you know me okay and also calm the fuck down. i don’t know why you are attacking people

  16. Maxwell2323 says:

    That is what all fat people say. Go to the gym loser. No one wants to see a fat chick sing – they are repulsive.

  17. TheBloodySapphire says:

    music should be music not looks

  18. 29september67 says:

    Happy 59th Birthday Ann Wilson!!!

  19. RockFrank76 says:

    I wish the best for her, she is amazing and beautiful!

  20. Maxwell2323 says:

    All you fat chicks can try to rationalize being obese all you want, but it is not a pretty sight.
    She was a major drug user and abused herself to look like this.
    I am her age and grew up with their music in Seattle. Knew the band manager.
    She should get off her ass and exercise and stop eating so much.
    Also, thier liberal yak is a joke. All that flap about Palin using Baraccuda… give me a break… over half the damn sales for their music came from people on the right…

  21. MajDogMeat says:

    Awesome Voice and great person. Never judge people by whats on the outside.

    Ann, I wish you well and successs in all you do !!

  22. Its amazing what how judgement and pressure will destroy a persons whole self and inner esteem. I have helped many to lose weight and stay healthy its all in the soul and mindframe……Ann is genius of talent, hopefully thats all she needs to know to keep it off. Rock on!!

  23. monchien111 says:

    so sad that people would view her by what she looked like at not by the talent she has.Cruel society where looks are everything.Hence being why we see all these kids with eating disorders. Annie I love you no matter how tiny or big you are!!

  24. Deborah Iyall (of Romeo Void) would make two of Ann in size and she’s great as well. She never got the recognition either.

  25. trevinor3 says:

    ann & nancy are two of rocks true pillars of talent and can never be duplicated. Without which have done so much for rock and women in rock is a gift from god! I love you both 4ever!

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