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  1. pats14fann01 says:

    When I was looking for an advantage in swimming I needed more mass on me. I found a Muscle&Fitness mag featuring Lee. I followed his workouts and his principles (especially the pyramid), started filling out and did better in swimming (not to mention looking better in my suit— girls was finally noticing me). So in essence thanks to Lee I became a league all star in swimming. BTW I still like to keep Lee’s advice in mind when I lift today.

  2. steroidsR4losers says:

  3. LamotteROCK says:

    gtfo noob

  4. steroidsR4losers says:

  5. steroidsR4losers says:

  6. steroidsR4losers says:

  7. steroidsR4losers says:

    Why don’t we just spread our message around on YOUTUBE. Take care buddy!

  8. collin355 says:

    and kevin levrones back is a joke compared to haneys…

  9. steroidsR4losers says:

    I take it you are proud of cheaters.

  10. His advice that stretching will lengthen your calf muscles is dubious.

  11. Alert the papers. You call the Post, I’ll let ’em know at the New York Times.

  12. Well put.

  13. steroidsR4losers says:

  14. PPootieroy says:

    The juice is lose!!!

  15. steroidsR4losers says:


  16. gmlorusso says:

    Lee Haney :

    The most overrated bodybuilder of all time, bar none…..

    Not deserving of his 8 Olympia wins, I’ll give him 2, but 8 !! No Way !!!


  17. PPootieroy says:

    They always forget about the importance of Juice! Without juice your just wasting a ton of time and money.

  18. spade121981 says:

    Most of his bodyparts look good except his calves…

  19. bluecampariiiii says:

    fuck of man fuck :/:/:/:

  20. Martinl792002 says:

    Most Olympias ands his physiques over powered the rest of the competitors. deal done, best mr. o ever

  21. themyth117 says:

    but you still wish you could a body like that.

  22. Schaufelor says:

    well that´s true 😀

  23. pellepellecorps says:

    but he’s still bigger than yall hahahahahah

  24. Schaufelor says:

    yeah his arms are a joke compared with a Kev Levrone

  25. gmlorusso says:

    bryanmoller…Don’t think so son, Haney was nothing but a puppet for Joe Weider..

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