Get into a Swimsuit to Prepare for Bikini Season

There is an old story about a man that would drive an old hay cart into town every day.  During the week he would have a tired old work horse that would he would hitch up to the wagon.  He would really push that horse during the week to get the chores he needed done.  The animal was unkempt, and usually smelled.  Yet, every week he would come into town on Sunday with the same ugly cart; however, he would have his prized pony pulling his family.  This occurred for many months, until one day a person in town asked him why he didn’t always pull his cart with the better horse when he was coming into town.  The farmer replied, “Any horse will work during the week, but I need my best horse when it matters.”

This is the same principle that people should apply when they are trying to lose weight for bikini season.  The reason that people want to get fit for bikini season is to pull out their best looking swimsuit when it matters.  Yet, if people won’t put on any swimsuit until their bodies are in bikini shape, then they are taking away a great workout to get into bikini shape.  

Swimming might be the most effective cardiovascular workout that a person can do to lose weight.  The problem is that many people are too ashamed of their body to get into a swimsuit to take advantage of swimming.  Swimming is a very low impact workout, that doesn’t put much pressure on joints.  This makes it so people can swim multiple days in a row without worry to causing injury to their joints.  Swimming also requires the use of multiple muscle groups at the same time.  When a person is swimming they have to exert themselves more, and burn more calories than a person who is doing a running based cardiovascular exercise.  

All the benefits of swimming shouldn’t be given up because you feel conscious about wearing a swimsuit.  There are many ways to overcome any anxiety about getting into the pool, when your body isn’t perfect.  One way is by buying the right swimsuit.  There are many swimsuits that can hide away a few extra pounds. Another way is to know the purpose of why you are swimming.  When you are at the pool to lose weight you should be all business, and swim your laps.  This self confidence about why you are there will overcome the anxiety that you might have.

Swimming is also great because it provides a wide variety of strokes that will help to tone different parts of your body.  Plus it is good for any level of person who is trying to lose weight; from the person that is just starting a long term weight loss program, to a person that is looking to shed a few extra pounds.

Swimming like any other cardio exercise should be accompanied by some type of resistance training.  Resistance training will create lean muscles that will give a sleek sexy lean look for bikini season, and will burn more calories than cardio workouts alone.  Along with the resistance based training, you should also increase the amount of protein in your diet.  A higher amount of protein will help your body create more lean muscle.  Whey protein isolate supplements are an effective way of getting a high amount of protein into your diet without any additional fats or carbohydrates.  

Any swimsuit will do when you are trying to get into the pool to lose weight, but after all of that effort it is time to put on your show swimsuit and enjoy the labor that you put in to get your body into great shape.

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