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  1. bonsoiralejandra says:

    Thankyou for your video and great e-book, I have been setting myself unrealistic weight loss goals, and not achiveing them for years now. But I have started to realise that instead of attempting to lose weight for a special occasion, that I need to be healthy in body and mind forever, and with that will come a healthy weight for life! Alex

  2. TrustinYahweh says:

    same here with me. Beer makes me feel like crap as well as all of these other foods. Your correct in your explantion. Good advice for sure. I have taken heed to this advice in my weight loss goals. Thanks.

  3. This is the truest thing I have seen about weight loss! Wow, I have never heard of anyone put things into perspective like you have. You make so much SENSE! Thank you so much, this has helped me immensley on how I treat myself and my body. It has really changed my entire view about losing weight. You are absolutely wonderful!

  4. LaPetiteBaleine says:

    This might be the video I needed to see to finally lose these pounds. Thank you. 🙂

  5. you know Andrea this is really TRUE
    JUNK FOOD MAKES ME FEEEL BAD!! I lose some wieght thanks to listen to myself and now i´m changing

  6. swastedcat says:

    i take Crevax for weight loss and i really love it. i lost 18 pounds and no side effects.

  7. SkinnyGirlHey says:

    Haha I am so fat. Just click my channel, I already have my first weight loss vid up. Anyway, cool vid. Good advice. :]

  8. dulcita54 says:

    I keep a food journal, it tends to work.
    I have a rule of thumb…I won’t eat anything without at least 3 grams of fiber per serving…chances are…I won’t ever find those things at a convenience store or fast-food restaurant. That keeps me from eating anything bad. I go for veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Processed foods (even just the thought of them) grosses me out. Hey, colon cancer! PS….I’m skinny…go figure. it’s called…eating right.

  9. your 100% correct

    i just finished eating KFC and i really wish never had done this cause it makes me feel really bad inside , but theres no other choice , theres no fruits in this house , my mom gots us all ( at least my big and lil bro fat ) im the skinniest one on the family , just a little chubby , but i want to be in shape , not almost in shape

    what should i do , i already asked my mom to buy fruits and vegts

    thx anyways , i know feel kindda better


  11. delvinisnaruto says:

    this is true but what if you dont buy the food at your home and have to eat whatever every body else eat what do you do than????????????

  12. krisnicstan says:

    my god..ur amazing…… SUCH good advice….

  13. hey! You have really motivated me, you should know that this video motivates females from all over the world..! 🙂 watched your video about 3 weeks ago, and i have started to pay attention to my choices, how crap food really making me feel.. and I must admit that the candy and sweets doesn’t taste that good anymore since i know that i’ll be depressed after i’ve eaten it.. 🙂 so i’ve realized that i doesn’t NEED sugar anymore, so thanks! thanks a lot!

  14. thanewnotion says:

    This is so true, I feel like crap everytime I eat fatten food…I hate that feeling…Thank you for this video…it motivated me now…

  15. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  16. deadkittiemeow says:

    thats so true . . . everytime i stuff myself with crap i spend the next hour or so feeling like crap.

  17. good idea..didn’t think about this since since is mentioning ..


    i like this video! alot i understand now and im going to really stay on my deit for now on!!! thank you!

  19. sarasavannahdazie says:

    Thank you….Thats all that needs to be said.

  20. baileybunnyblue says:

    this makes so much sence and it is sooo true! Thank you!

  21. liplylips says:

    Thanks for this video..I feel the same way.
    They feel good when you are eating them
    but then after…pure badness. =[

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  23. Alakiri08 says:

    Have you ever tried to eat like a sensible human being?

  24. christopher8686 says:

    you wanna use up some of that extra positive energy you have???i could help you out!!!ha

  25. christopher8686 says:

    You have just changed my life!!Thanks

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