What is the supplement of a geometric angle?

In other words, could you please define what a supplement of an angle is? Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. oldteacher says:

    Two angles are supplements if their measures add to be 180 degrees.

    For example, if an angle measures 60 degrees, then the supplement is 120 degrees.

    The two angles ( supplements) for a straight line (180 degrees)

  2. Supplementary angles equal 180 degrees.
    Complementary angles equal 90 degrees.

  3. okkk so say you’ve got a 30 degree angle. it’s supplement would be 180-30. so it’s supplement would be 150. does that help? it’s whatever amount the angle needs to add up to 180.


  4. supplementary angles add up to 180, so take your given angle and subtract it from 180. This will give you your supplement.

  5. Simple, the supplement is whatever you have to add the angle measure to equal 180.

    A 70 degree angle’s supplement would be 110.

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