What is the best Omega-3 supplement for pregnant women?

I have heard about Flaxseed oil, Fish Oil, and DHA supplements. Which is the best supplement to take while pregnant and why? Are there any bad side effects on the fetus if I take flaxseed or fish oil?

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  1. dolly_peanutte says:

    two tablespoons of Smart Balance's peanut butter has 60% of the daily recommendation for omega 3(from flax oil). it's vegan :o). this p.b. tastes yummmy=] and is super healthy! good luck and hope your baby comes out really healthy! xoxoxx

  2. maybe you can take OMEGA 3 tablets which can be bought at any health outlet. Fish is a good source of omega 3 but some fishes contain high levels of mercury which are found to be dangerous for pregnant women.

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