What is the best way to build muscle mass and strengthen muscles?

I’m a 16 years old dude that would like to strengthen muscle. Where do I start? I have weights and a Wii Fit. I also am 5 ft 6in tall and 102 pounds.

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  1. you should really wait a year or 2 if you bulk before your body is done growing you can cause a lot of damage.

    I am your height and when I was your age I was about your weight I had a 29 inch waist at 32 I am 165 pds with a 32inch waist and am told constantly about how big I am.

    if you want to bulk up get a personal trainer to get you started. I injured myself enough to know what I am talking about. remember you have your whole life to sculpt your body and its a lot easier to do than most people think but it’s so easy to cause irreversible damage.

    good luck<><

  2. dude wii fit isnt gonna do S***
    go hit the weights for two hours…5 days a week
    i promise that will tone you up

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