What is a good supplement for gaining weight/muscle?

I am trying to put on some muscle within the next month and a half. I start the fire academy and I been working out, but I want to put on some more muscle fast and get my strength up. What is a good supplement or supplements? I been using muscle milk.

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  1. Supplements like whey protein or capsulated amino acid works. However, I’m not sure how much muscle you can put on in a mere month and a half. There are no shortcuts. Don’t cheat using steroids either.

    Creatine helps you get going too. This is just to name a few. There’s literally a lot out there. Don’t forget that there’s something more important than all the supplements you can take. Your diet itself. Try to eat smaller but more frequent meals. Get lots of rest. If you want good results, it’s more than good supplements…it’s a change of lifestyle.

  2. ashminardiwave says:

    It may not b that easy to gain some lean muscle pal. its good that u have started working out. u really need a very good combination of work outs,diet and supplements to gain quick mass. i suggest whey protein/creatine based nutrients.do consult a trainer

  3. Footballher10 says:

    Believe it or not, cow’s milk. Mix in a good Whey protein supplement and some chocolate flavor and pound about a gallon a day. Drink it with your meals and as a snack in between, too.

  4. Take a good protein-enriched drink or shake product, but outside of that, I wouldn’t worry about taking anything else. Eating a diet rich in high-quality proteins – egg whites, lean meats, low-fat dairy, along with high-quality carbohydrates – whole grains, whole wheat, beans, legumes, etc. – should be all that you need. Don’t waste money on expensive supplements or any of that creatine/stacker stuff. Train hard and eat well. A good multivitamin or something like that along with everything else. Check out this helpful article below for some helpful tips.

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