what is the best senior joint supplement that you have used?

I have two senior horses. One 16 year old quarter horse gelding, and a 19 year old APHA mare. Since they are getting older I want to put them on some kind of joint supplement. There are so many different types of supplements out there that I have no clue which one to use. Have you had any luck with a particular brand? thanks!

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  1. That’s a hard call to make – it depends on the individual horse’s needs.
    I’ve used Hylaflex – but it is pretty high cost.
    Right now using Smart Pak’s Senior flex and have found it to be effective and pretty good cost wise.
    I think with joint supplements it is kind of the same as it is for humans, you have to try a few before you find which works the best for your horse and your wallet!

  2. butterfly wings says:

    i agree that you should go ask the local feed store or your vet.

    i used cortaflex for my older quater horse who had knee/leg surgery. it helped his joints alot. but that was just him and i never suggest just going with what works for the person next to you, each horse is different.

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