How can i build more muscle mass?

I have a fairly lean build, Im long and lankey and i’m trying to find a way that doesn’t include steroids to help me build more muscle mass.

In the past when ive worked out from my PE classes and pushups every now and then, my muscles just get very defined and look really strong. But im looking to put on more muscle mass so i can hit harder in varsity football next year.

So does anyone have any tips on what i could do?

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  1. i’m sure you’ve been working out in the gym.. but if not then definitely do it. Do squats, bench press, deadlifts, rows, and military press: these are the best exercises for whole body gains. Squats alone work about 60% of your muscles, they are SO important.

    if you want to make some serious gains though, you have to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Eat everything (healthy) in sight: peanuts, chicken, potatoes, banana, flax oil, whole grain bread and pasta, etc etc etc. If you typically eat about 3000 calories per day, eat 6,000. It will feel like you’re eating 4 times the ussual if you do it right because you should eat a healthy 6000 calories: whole grain bread, low saturated fat, etc. Drink a lot of water and a lot of milk. They are BOTH important: a muscle cell is 90% water.

    The workout you should do is to try to go every other day. Day1= A, day 2=rest, Day 3=B, Day 4= rest, Day 5= A… etc. squat every workout day, . (Now if you do them right it will hurt so bad the first few times that it will be impossible to do it every other day. Just wait till you’re fresh again, don’t push yourself to work out when you’re still sore from last time.)
    Bench and do rows on day A, and Do milityar press and deatlift on day B. Do enough weight so you can only do 6 or 7 reps. Low reps= builds muscle mass.
    Try to keep to the schedule and you will be golden. The recipie for getting big is big lifts + food. Also sleep is important so your body can regenerate and create muscle. Don’t overlook sleep and food and water. Good luck!

  2. superficialblonde says:

    Protein-Protein-Protein…. Eat lots of protein……..

  3. P90X from Beachbody uses a technique called Muscle confusion to keep you from plateauing and continue to build and define muscles.

  4. Protien, protien powder, meat (the right amount) and lifting weights and exercising

  5. mande95747 says:

    You don’t need a ton of protein, unless you are actually deficient of it.

    The best thing, is to isolate particular groups, and work those really hard, but don’t repeat those exercises until two days later.
    Give them TWO days rest.
    Have a 3 day workout cycle – Three different workouts on those three days, where you don’t repeat particular exercises.

    If you do the same workouts each day, you’ll get defined, but not buff, because you’re constantly tearing down the muscle, but not giving it enough rebuilding time.

  6. you have to get serious in the weight room- push ups are great but won’t build much bulk because the resistance is light and lots of reps are required.

    to increase muscle mass, you should lift a fairly heavy weight 5-15 repetitions, and repeat 2-3 sets. 8-10 different exercises, 2-3 days a week.

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