The Wonderful Benefits Of Becoming An LVN Or Licensed Vocational Nurse Or LPN

A licensed vocational or practical nurse, known as an LVN or LPN is a great career. The benefits of becoming an LVN are endless, but here are some listed that may help you.

Becoming an LVN requires a high school level education, plus one year of a certification course beyond that. These are often offered through local community colleges, hospitals, or adult education centers and technical programs. After you graduate you must pass the national exam as well. The requirements for this job are little compared to others in the field such as an RN or doctor. This also means less money invested in college costs.

Full-time vocational nurses make about $40,000 a year in US dollars. For a job that requires very little educational expenses this is a great income. You won’t have to loose 4 or more years of income and pay for college with loans, this is a great deal these days. There is also a lot of flexibility in your schedule as an LPN or LVN. Full time, days, nights, weekends or even per diem, you get to work as little or as much as you want. Nights, weekends and per diem often pay a little more per hour.

The variety of healthcare job settings is also a big benefit. Offices, nursing homes, schools and hospitals allow for career change for LVN’s without going back to school. In the hospital setting alone you could help with surgeries, help with rehabilitation patients or help deliver newborns. If you’re the type to change jobs often, this allows you to do that more easily.

LVNs are also experiencing high job growth rates. Even with a tough economy, finding jobs in this field won’t be hard at all. Job security is one of the biggest benefits of being an LPN. Another benefit is not having to dress up, you get to wear comfy scrubs to work.

LVNs also get the huge benefit of helping people that are sick or scared on a day to day basis. Most people find this work hugely fulfilling, and this may be the biggest benefit of the job. Getting to know the patient and their families and help them during tough times is amazing.

The best way to find out the benefits of becoming an LVN is to go to school and find out for yourself. If these listed here seem great to you, you won’t be disappointed after your year of school either.

A licensed vocational nurse or LVN is a member of a field that is expanding quickly in numbers and importance. A Licensed Practical Nurse has a strong influence of the quality of care provided in hospitals.

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