How Tanning Lotions Can Improve Your Tan

Most spas encourage their clients to use tanning lotions to improve their color. These creams or oil are very popular and known to help deepen or improve the results of a session in a booth or bed. These products are similar in function but can vary widely in the outcome they provide.

Tanning creams are usually applied by hand all over the body. There are specially designed products that are for facial use only. It is always better to have both an all purpose and a facial product available. Many blends designed for use on the face have firming qualities and are safe for use around eyes.

Tanning lotions are intended to be applied before stepping into an UV booth, or bed. Most brands offer moisturizers to keep skin soft, and all will increase the melanin content in one’s skin. Melanin is the color seen when tans occur. Some blends work by stimulating blood flow to the surface of one’s skin, and others increase the melanin count itself.

Tanning lotions meant for indoor use are almost always made of ingredients that will not harm plastic surfaces. Because they are worn on one’s skin, and skin comes in contact with the beds, this is an important feature. Anything that would have a corrosive effect on the equipment would be unwise for regular use.

Oftentimes there are added benefits to applying tanning lotions. Almost all brands contain a high quality moisturizing ingredient. Others may include bronzers which deepen on their own over the following hours. Nearly all have some kind of scent, though it may be natural or perfumes that are added.

Sunblock and tanning lotions are not to be confused for one another. Sunblocks are meant to protect one’s skin from the harmful side effects of UV light from the sun. However, tanning lotions and oils are intended to help ultra violet light affect skin. Using sunblock before using a UV bed would not only negate the effects, but may also cause surface damage to the parts of the machine in contact with the customer.

Sunlight and the lights in ultra violet beds or booths are not exactly the same. So, it is important to have tanning lotions that are used separately in each situation. The compounds found in products that are meant to be used outdoors will not react reliably when used under concentrated lights. Tanning lotions intended for spa or salon use will not be as effective when used under the sun.

You can find a review of the benefits of using tanning lotions and a summary of the things to consider before buying cheap tanning lotions, now.

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