Permanent Weight Loss

You might think it difficult to find a workable weight loss program among all the hundreds, thousands (millions?) of diets, books, internet sites, health clubs, etc. Weight loss is an industry. Actually, many of these things often work – temporarily.

However, the most usual case is that a person loses some pounds on a particular diet or program and then quits and gains all the weight back – plus more! If there were a weight loss solution where you could do a program for a short while, lose weight, and then never have to worry about gaining it back, all these weight loss businesses would be out of business!

After a few different diets or weight loss programs, losing a couple pounds a month, then gaining it all back, one could lose motivation. Some even try surgery without gaining the desired result. One might become resigned to being fat. No energy. Hungry all the time. No motivation. Trapped. So how do you get out of the trap?

Factually, there is a way to lose weight and keep weight off. A medically tested regimen has been developed and established in Europe that gets amazing results with weight loss and keeping weight off. Hundreds of thousands of people have been successful with it.

The basic functions of the body are regulated by hormones. Research has revealed that a reduction in hormones is the reason for many diseases associated with growing older. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been proven to be key in helping to reverse these situations including such things as balding, lack of libido, menopause and andropause symptoms.

Unwanted weight gain also is a symptom of aging, and is directly attributable to particular hormones that the body needs to control metabolism, appetite, and such things as satiety. As hormone production tapers off, metabolism changes and although you may eat the same things you ate ten years ago, unwanted pounds add on.

The permanent weight loss breakthroughs stem from a specific hormone that is commonly called HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy along with sensible diet and exercise, your metabolism is re-set thereby not only giving you the weight loss that you desire but also providing a permanent solution to weight loss goals.

Once the deficit of this hormone and possibly others is remedied, exercise and sensible diet becomes easy. A person gains a renewal of energy and life becomes more fun again. Gloom lifts and new energy and happier outlook allows the person to become more active – and live longer.

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