Spiritual Life Coaching: Egoic Self Esteem vs. Authentic Self Esteem

Anorexia is absent among tribal cultures. It is a disease that is a result of our “civilized” society. We are programmed to feel shame and guilt from early on when we don’t “measure up” to others around us. It is the ego that projects hurt onto others and it is the ego that feels pain so deeply. Every negative emotion you’ve ever felt such as sadness, depression, or humiliation has been because of your ego’s reaction and nothing more.

Spiritual Life Coaching: Shadow Projections

Ask yourself: What do I find distasteful, disgusting, or despicable in others? Do you find yourself pointing at others calling them derogatory names? Public figures that you despise will also be the target of shadow projections. Shadow Work Life Coaching can help you to realize that your emotion-based judgments are always shadow projections and are therefore rooted in unresolved trauma.

Spiritual Life Coaching: The Power of Presence

Most people believe that they can control every challenge that arise in their daily lives. They also believe that they can control other people, especially those with whom they’re close to such as family, friends, or a partner. And it is this belief that leads to much of their suffering. Believing that you can control or alter what already is is nothing less than delusional thinking. In fact, it’s nothing less than insane. Yet the chaos that we observe in the world today is a large-scale reflection of an undiscovered truth that, nearly everyone is, to a large degree, saying “no” to what already is.

Increase Your Determination With A Life Coach

A life coach is someone who assists an individual to build their personal or business lives. Similar to a tutor, this particular person has the capacity to come along side someone and explain the achievements and encourage them to work toward improvement and goals. Whether a person requires overall direction in life or someone to just come in and concentrate on a particular area of need, life coaches will help.

Using A Life Coach To Help You

A life coach is someone that helps someone build their individual or business lives. A lot like a advisor, this particular individual is able to come along side somebody and point out the positive results and help them work towards improvement and goals. Whether or not someone needs overall direction in their lives or somebody to just come in and focus on a specific area of need, life coaches can help.

Spiritual Life Coaching: The Shadow and the Blame Game

We can observe the shadow projection of blame just about everyday in the U.S. Government where it has resulted a polarity so inflexible that it has manifested itself as gridlock between the Democrats and the Republicans in both the House and Senate–for the last decade. Blame always comes from both parties. We’ve watched Congressmen and Senators place their allegiance to party principles before what is truly in the best interest of the people. With the exception of just a few, our government leaders have become political robots, walking and talking machines that can’t seem to get past their party’s ideology, and as a result, the whole country suffers. If the member of one party proposes a bill, any bill, no matter how beneficial or right it is for all–nearly every member of the other party opposes it.

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Pain-Body Needs a Nemesis

The Law of Attraction dictates that your thoughts create your reality. The more emotionally charged these thoughts are, the more effective they are at manifesting events. Talking, writing, and lecturing about negative, fear-based, potential “doom and gloom” scenarios will only increase the likelihood that they will happen. Furthermore, it empowers the fear-based energy for the collective pain-body to feast on.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Stop Attracting Mental Bullies

If you have a heavy pain-body, you’ll probably be attracting mental bullies to you like a bar magnet to steel. They will seek you out, come up to you out of nowhere, yell at you from across the street, send hateful emails to you, and this will all happen despite the fact that you do everything in your power to keep out of sight and “fly underneath the radar.”

Spiritual Life Coaching: Becoming Lucid in the Dream of Life

Have you ever noticed that you can’t remember the beginning of a dream? When you’re dreaming, you never stop and think, “How did I get here?” You just take it for granted that there was a beginning. This is reality. It’s much like the waking life in that before the age of three, we don’t really remember much at all. One day we just arrived into our “dream of life,” not knowing precisely how we got here.