Spiritual Life Coaching: Shadow Projections

Ask yourself: What do I find distasteful, disgusting, or despicable in others? Do you find yourself pointing at others calling them derogatory names? Public figures that you despise will also be the target of shadow projections. Shadow Work Life Coaching can help you to realize that your emotion-based judgments are always shadow projections and are therefore rooted in unresolved trauma.

Think of a person with whom you despise for one reason or another. It could be a famous person or it could be someone close to you, like a friend or family member. Write the name of this person down. Now write down the qualities that disturb you the most about this person. What derogatory things do you say about them? Imagine that they are right in front of you. Point your finger at them and say the words out loud. Notice that three of your fingers will be pointing directly at you. This is what I call the recognition stage. This is when you begin to identify your own shadow projections.

After doing this, ask yourself, “What do I do to prove that I am not these horrifying things? Close your eyes and think hard. Perhaps you’re accusing this person of being over-critical. Write down a time when you were over-critical toward them or another. Perhaps you are accusing him or her of being selfish or greedy. Now ask yourself, “When, where, or how have I been selfish or greedy?”

As you discover that you’ve been exhibiting the exact same negative qualities that you’ve been secretly hating in others, you will begin to consciously hate these qualities in yourself, as opposed to unconsciously hating them. That’s good. This is the next stage. I call this the repulsion stage. The more you become repulsed, the better. In a sense, it’s like vomiting up something that doesn’t agree with your stomach. It’s the psyche’s natural way of getting rid of what is toxic. Eventually, these feelings of repulsion will dissipate as you project less and less of your shadow onto others.

As you become aware of your own shadow projections, you will begin to accept them more in others, and in turn, accept them in yourself. This acceptance stage is the key to completely dissolving your shadow projections. At this point it is important to realize that it’s perfectly okay and normal to have had negative feelings toward others because it has served as an impetus for healing and growth.

When you begin to become aware that you are “judging others,” you will no longer truly be judging them. You cannot be both conscious and unconscious at the same time. You are either awake or asleep. This is the dawn of learning how to love others unconditionally, no matter how deeply they have hurt you. This is the third and final stage of awakening to your shadows, and when you will finally be able to heal your primal wounds.

Shadow Work Life Coaching can help you to observe all of the negative qualities in yourself that you used to deem shameful in others, heal your repressed trauma, and put an end to your shadow projections.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company with a mission to teach Self Realization to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, holistic wellness coaching, life path astrology, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

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