Spiritual Life Coaching: The Shadow and the Blame Game

We can observe the shadow projection of blame just about everyday in the U.S. Government where it has resulted a polarity so inflexible that it has manifested itself as gridlock between the Democrats and the Republicans in both the House and Senate–for the last decade. Blame always comes from both parties. We’ve watched Congressmen and Senators place their allegiance to party principles before what is truly in the best interest of the people. With the exception of just a few, our government leaders have become political robots, walking and talking machines that can’t seem to get past their party’s ideology, and as a result, the whole country suffers. If the member of one party proposes a bill, any bill, no matter how beneficial or right it is for all–nearly every member of the other party opposes it.

While “Rome burns,” the members of the two-party system will continue to argue until there’s nothing left at all, refusing to compromise or respect the other party’s point of view. Rooted in their egoic minds, most politicians today are not interested in doing what is right, they are only interested in being right. It’s all about power over others. After President Obama’s healthcare plan finally passed, several angry Republicans actually sent death threats to their Democratic counterparts. The Democrat, just like the Republican, continuously dismisses whatever other party says simply because the other party has said it. As a result of this polarization of blame, very little gets accomplished and few problems are being solved.

There is currently a passionate divide in American politics today that is so unrelenting, both sides seem to be living in two different sets of reality. As long as the Senators and members of Congress remain emotionally entangled in their own opinions, continue to speak past one another rather than to one another, they will only widen the rift. Non-emotional detachment rather than emotional entanglement is required for government leaders to reach compromise, cooperation, and mediation in the political arena. Entrenched opinions, on other hand, will only constrain the nation in polarity extremism.

We can also observe the egoic blame game going on between atheistic science and conservative religion. In recent years, a fair number of atheists (some being prominent scientists) have written books attacking religion and God. They have declared war on religion, war on God, declaring it all to be delusional, the cause behind our countless wars, and the reason behind most of society’s problems. In the process of their zealous recklessness, however, they have seemingly ignored some important moral and spiritual teachings that lie in the heart of all religions–teachings that we desperately need today. Perhaps it’s not the belief in God that has been the cause of war but rather the over-zealousness in defense of one’s own God. The “my God is superior to your God” mentality must be transcended if we’re going to subdue the radical extremism on all sides.

I see no difference in this finger-pointing behavior from the extreme left of science and the finger-pointing that comes from the creationists on the extreme right of Judeo-Christian theology. These creationists believe in the Book of Genesis literally. They believe that the earth was created in six days and that planet Earth has been in existence for only 6,000 years. They do not believe in evolution at all. They attack the validity of science and ignore all the evidence it has brought to the table on creationism. This extremist point of view is a direct antithesis to the atheistic “God is the cause of all our problems” point of view. It is the exact same projection of shadow blame but polarized to other extreme. The creationist, like the atheist, dismisses whatever the other says simply because the other has said it. One polarity’s theory blindly ridicules and diminishes the other polarity’s theory. Neither side seeks the truth because their egoic agendas cloud their reason.

When we become emotionally entangled in our opinions, we are no longer in control of them, our opinions control us. Rationality and sensibility are thrown out the window in exchange for vigorous impetuosity. The middle way, in between the two extremes, is the straight and narrow passage to peace. Transcending the egoic mind, and living in a non-reactionary state of non-judgment is the high road to wisdom.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, wellness coaching, life path astrology, pain-body counseling, heart-brain manifestation, and relationship coaching.

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