9 Ways to Become Masterful Receiver

1. Keep giving with love, and allow the cycle to complete itself. Let the Universe, and all within it love you back!

2. Relax into your self worth – don’t fight so hard to prove you don’t deserve – you do. You were born deserving just like you were born with your soul. It just is.

3. Say “thank you” vs. “oh, you shouldn’t have.” Watch all the ways in your life that you allow yourself to close the receiving door – many times with a slam!

4. Make a conscious decision to be open to receiving in your life. You are at choice, all the time, a powerful creator. Deciding to receive and taking steps can create a landslide of abundant flow.

5. Do your affirmations from a place of where you want to be, as if it’s done. Can you stand behind your affirmations? This is KEY. Affirm now that you are open to receive, and stand in that feeling place.

6. Loving you is your most important job. It lays the foundation for all things that you will create and receive. The more you love yourself from an authentic place, the more you will find yourself receiving blessings from the Universe.

7. Give up the notion of working hard and earning – get your emotions lined up with the joys of “ask and you shall receive” (this is much better isn’t it?)

8. Know that the better you become at receiving, the more you will attract into your life experience. This is an attraction based universe, and working on this muscle of receiving and allowing could make the differences between 10 dollars and a million dollars.

9. Set your intentions, say your prayers, and visualize your outcomes. This is powerful work, and more than any number of “action hours”. Your assignment is to spend 3 minutes setting intentions and visualizing per day, and allow the action steps to literally be shown to you.

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