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  1. saralikesdaisies says:

    lmao i don’t think it was katilette filming because it didn’t sound like her laughing.. probably adam’s girlfried or whatever 🙂

    and wow shay is a pretty handsome guy!

  2. spideygirl2794 says:

    man I wish I could chop off my gut too!!! XD

  3. TugaPipeJunior says:

    I think Katilette’s filming, ’cause I think Adam said her name at 00:25

  4. igotyourmoney23 says:

    Is the scale like in the floor?

  5. guanobucks says:

    is katilette filming this, cause she is checking out Adam’s butt….lol

  6. XxHeidi55xX says:

    OMG HE USED WMM SHAY U are AWSOME i love your vids

  7. CoitusWithYourMom says:

    search ‘is that a banana in your pants’ for some roflcopters

  8. well how won really???

  9. cheynecastillo says:

    who won?

  10. RobotTodd says:

    LOL. she films the guys butt. that was funny

  11. iamjessicaelizabeth says:

    shay’s a lefty.
    and looks good without a huge beard.

  12. dan202006 says:

    ok so who won?

  13. MrChrisSimons says:

    Umm, I’d say around 26ish.

  14. DrParmesan says:

    WOOT! Shaycarl’s lefteeeee!!!

  15. thomson91 says:

    haha is that scale built into the kitchen? awesome idea

  16. @zoomkitty3 yeah I saw that, Im always looking out for left handers as I am one.

  17. youre supposed to get stripped down to boxers for the weigh-in haha

  18. iamsebastian42 says:

    this was only almost 2 years ago

  19. myfairprincess says:

    who won?

  20. LydiaKelso123 says:

    wow shay looks a lot younger

  21. grayfox106 says:

    Woah! Shay looks way smaller here without his beard, it’s going to be soooo creepy when he shaves it lol. How old was he here?

  22. kazidelicious says:

    wow shay you were much smaller two years ago. keep up the shay loss so you can get back to your healthier self. love ya regardless!
    btw you can see the cuteness in your face more with less weight.
    hopefully that happens for me too if i lose some of this weight.

  23. wow, Shay with no beard. And he was so much smaller. he wasnt fat at all! Go ShayLoss!

  24. JuvenileGangsta204 says:

    lol, it does

  25. zoomkitty3 says:

    You’re a Lefty!

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