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  1. ThomasJKH says:

    wow he looks awesome

  2. spasisjack says:

    yo brandon or any one whats the exact brand of resistance bands he uses. because iv bought some before and i could of pulled them appart with my pinkies so i need so high tension 1s like these.

  3. @WHammer40k ΠΏΠΏΡ†

  4. WHammer40k says:


  5. @chicagogee: that aint a steroid body. if it was, he would look out of proportion cos stedmans NEVER look right!

  6. hazebullet says:

    its a beat he made

  7. spasisjack says:

    yeah man check his channel all his vids have his own beats on em hes a fucking legend best cardio build body in the world, most attractive

  8. milasuave says:

    1:17-1:24- damn i wish i was lying on that floor;-) ur so great, brandon!

  9. Great job man, especially on abs

  10. jimbob202019 says:

    true you can spot a person takeing roids stright away

  11. roids? are u fucking insane if he had taken roids he woulda’ve been x4 bigger u fucking moron

  12. HealthyAmerica1 says:

    pretty sure thats his own beat!

  13. GurkanOwns says:

    nah he aint takin roids u can see that

  14. santoscool845 says:

    you wish u where at his level,, the thing is your not at even at the level bellow his level haha

  15. chicagogee says:

    stop taking steriods nigga!!!! hahahahah

  16. EthernalWinter says:

    Good job man,you’re body is hella ripped,keep up the great work πŸ˜‰

  17. magma9999 says:

    good job..any idea of the song’s name?

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