Tips I Used To Help Strengthen My Healthy Lifestyle

Eat breakfast as if it were calorie free. I feel like eating at night but early in the day I just want to drink coffee and not eat. I will eat breakfast every day, whether I’m hungry or not.

I created a habit of not exercising on most days it became a habit. I will do some form of resistance exercise at least every other day. I can lift weights or do body weight resistant exercises. I need to make it a regular habit to benefit from it.

I am usually a lot harder on myself than when I’m dealing with a friend or family member. One of the worst things we can do is constantly be comparing and criticizing ourselves. If I talk to myself like I was a friend I’m helping, I will be more patient.

It will also help if I eat more foods high in fiber. I read that your body has to burn seven calories for every gram of fiber you eat, what a benefit. So, increasing my fiber consumption by 10 grams a day is an extra 70 calories my body will burn. That means I could burn off 10 pounds of fat a year just from that small change.

I will watch the carbohydrate calories I eat. Empty calories come from food such as white bread, pasta, and white rice. I will cut back on all of them or eat the whole food version instead.

I will start to do some type of aerobic exercise daily. I will try to consistently do it 3-4 times a week for 30 minute or more. I will walk briskly most of the time as it is much easier on my legs.

I will try to eat at least 3 fruit serving every day. I know this can get expensive as it seems eating healthy cost more that eating junk food, but it will be worth it. I can always open a can of fruit and and separate it into 3 different servings for each meal.

Another important part is to never quit. I usually quit the program after I mess up and that is something I need to change. The key is to never quit even when I have set backs. Even when I fail, I need to get back up and realize it’s a new day and I don’t have to fail today.

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