Raw Food Weight Loss 178 pounds! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #11

Juice Recipes for Healing * Fasting Juice Recipes * Vegetable Juicing * Vegetable Juice Recipes for Weight Loss * Raw Vegetable Diet * VIDEO #11 of my weekly chats w/ my friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker! ❤ For those new to this series, check out preceding videos here bit.ly & this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!: My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several diseases including colon cancer …

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  1. liferegenerator says:

    I guess they call it that! 🙂

  2. Are you a raw vegan?

  3. greenrocketfuel says:

    Great video, vast knowledge and good people, give me more 😉

  4. SecretsOfLongevity says:

    so true about the fruit sugars and cancer.

  5. liferegenerator says:

    People crave salt because they don’t get enough cell salts from vegetables! Drink green juices and eat salads! 😀

  6. amethyst2466 says:

    I made a vegetable juice and being a salt lover, I found that I didn’t need or crave salt at all while drinking it! It was amazing how I didn’t need any salt!

  7. Its all good.. Truly..

    And I completely respect Dan and am in awe of all the great teaching he does here on his site. Much respect to my Brother on showing people a pure way to live, really.

    No bad vibe or energy was intended if anyone percieved it like that. It really is all good.

  8. IamDemetri00 says:


  9. ACEBAKER911 says:

    Dan you are Very lean compared to the ‘ avg bodybuilder ‘ out there eating the Standard Bodybuilding diet

    But what Many people dont Understand and need to realize is that, From Juicing Your Muscles and Tissues have Great cellular integrity and you are working toward maximum Physiological efficiency , which will Naturally on its own build Power and Strength .

    We’ve all been so brainwashed to think Huge Muscle Size means Healthy strength, its simply Not True !

  10. ACEBAKER911 says:

    ideally speaking sure you are correct that the Best situation is to drink the Juice right after making it.

    But Obviously in our busy modern world thats not Always so practical. Oxidation does occur with time, but its nothing Major to worry about.

    Juices stored in the Fridge or kept cold after 24 hrs will experience ‘ some’ oxidation and Nutrient loss, BUT that Juice will still contain 100x More Nutrition than ANYTHING in the avg. Americans diet

    Keep Juicing ; )

  11. ACEBAKER911 says:


    Technically speaking you are correct about Juicing, But Remember, Dan only has 10 mins in these vids, he hurries things up on Camera runnin the Juice Machine so he has time to also chat with us about whatever happens to be on his mind.

    Im sure when hes Juicing and the camera is off and he has No time constraints, he naturally would follow your advice.

  12. SGorilla24 says:

    Yo What up Dan I enjoy this video! Dave I didn’t forget about you, you two make a great team. Dave I watch your videos and I just want to say that you got my respect because to make that change from the regular western diet(or worse) to a organic raw vegan diet is incredible. Anyways Peace to Dave and Dan(and to Krista)!!!!

  13. foxielocs says:

    y’all are so BEASTY!!!I’m serious I wish could join this juicy party…

  14. foxielocs says:

    oh my goodness…what does all that taste like…

  15. liferegenerator says:

    Build the body and blood with green juices! Get out and breathe the fresh air! Be grateful for everything! Write me a personal message with your specific questions! You can get well!

  16. liferegenerator says:

    Juices and sweating in the sunshine! Clean the lymph system with fruits and green juices…

  17. liferegenerator says:

    The first few weeks does suck but if you can dig your heels in and believe in something better for your life you can feel alive again! Being sober and depressed is better than being high and artificially happy! True happiness…. it is in you! Seek it and you will find it! It will help if you deal with your real feelings and real thoughts without drugs! Trust me…

  18. liferegenerator says:


  19. liferegenerator says:

    I have felt that it is best to feed the healthy cells fruit sugar in many healing protocols and Dave does Gabriel Cousens low glycemic healing diet, either way removing the obstructions to cellular health is the key…

  20. liferegenerator says:

    Coconut is low glycemic and is ok for diabetes protocal!

  21. liferegenerator says:

    Keep the juice cold!!!

  22. liferegenerator says:

    Got it! Thanks…

  23. scottsteezo says:

    Congratulations on your 178lbs weight loss, hope you get to your goal and get ripped.

  24. IamDemetri00 says:

    Dan what are your thoughts on oxidation of the nutrients in these juices? Jay Kordich said in his audio casette series to drink the juices as soon as possible ecause of oxidation? Can you clarify for me. Thanks!

  25. crosspecans says:

    since i know dave has 3 juicers it thrills me for him to be impressed with dans breville juicer. i can hardly wait to get mine. thanks for having dave back. love the dan & dave show. tootles~~~

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