What are Kidney Stones? Important Facts about Kidney Stones

The major excretory organs are the kidneys. Without them, waste products of metabolism would amass in the body and could cause toxication or poisoning due to acidic and toxic wastes. Diseases in the genito-urinary tract could be prevented if people are aware of basic facts concerning the kidneys and the organs involved in the excretion of the body’s waste products of metabolism. Kidney stones are composed of crystals such as calcium oxalate and uric acid stones. These urine sediments, when not properly excreted would build up and form kidney stones. The stones’ sizes vary from sand grains to golf balls, depending on whether the condition was left untreated or not. The smaller stones can be excreted during micturition or could crystallize and increase in size to clog the ureter and urine pathways.

Kidney Diet: A Healthy Diet Strategy for Your Kidneys

Having kidney difficulties is not really straightforward. You will will need a healthy kidney diet plan that can support within the management of your kidney issues and will aid in preventing further kidney troubles. Foods in general are either healthy or not, but really it does not truly matter since it greatly depends on how much and just how small. Fluids, protein, sodium, phosphorus and potassium are the 5 most critical elements that ought to be present in the diet plan but ought to be studied in corresponding amounts.