Bodybuilding Supplement Tips Filmed In Las Vegas

I also go into more detail about the supplements that I like to use and how much of a difference proper supplements really make to your overall progress in the gym. For more muscle building workouts and nutrition tips like this check out my No-Non-sense Muscle Building Program at: as well as Lee’s Muscle Building Program at Discover HOW TO BUILD MUSCLE right now by visiting the link above. More muscle building tips coming up. … ” …

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  1. 09197798343 says:

    No you’re wrong man. They looked like that because they are not flexing.. Having big muscles really makes you look like fat when you are on shirts. And most of all, they are natural bodybuilders.. They don’t use steroids. Steroids are one of the supplement that will really boost up your muscles and your muscles will bulk up.

  2. blindmellonchittlen says:

    this must be Vinces rapper outfit

  3. PRIME by USP Labs is da truth best supplement ever. Went from benching 290 to 315 in 6 weeks!!!!!

  4. rhettgates says:

    Both of these guys are a joke… but, Vince beats Haward out by his nose.

    Give me a break. Does anyone really want to look like either of these guys? Hayward is fat and Delmonte doesn’t have arms, chest, traps, lats or legs.

  5. jonnydash ur a fukin idiot creatine is a natural source found in meat products and we all have creatine in are body so taking them doesn’t make us unatural

  6. OutBack206 says:

    I have to recommend a water supplement.
    Thats good too.

    Seriously….. just eat your fucking veggies.

  7. jonnydash says:

    on your website vince u say your all natural but your on creatine all year round? whats that about

  8. colinthegeeza says:

    everyones an expert when it comes to builduing muscle! just find what suits you and stick to it, consistency is key, and dont touch the gear

  9. there’s ways to get gains without protein, such as hormones. Theres a program out there that focuses on that, optimum anabolics by jeff anderson. but yeah for the most part true say 😛

  10. FizzelWazzel says:

    Everything bar Creatine ill agree with depending on the person creatine can screw with your hormones i wouldnt touch the stuff

  11. RenaudAudenaerde says:

    I use whey protein… but that’s it. Is Creatine really nescessary in a good workout program?

  12. zanthar666 says:

    what the government or food orginizations recomend is for sedentary adults but if you look up for children it will be somewhat higher because they are growing, which is exactly what you are trying to do, magazines may recomend as much as 2 grams per pound but as a rule of thumb i would go with 1 – 1.5 grams per pound, ant dont forget about calories for growth as well. hope this helps

  13. levymetal says:

    car was a very bad example haha. after people have experimented with protein, i think most of them found that 1 gram per pound was the best for putting on muscle. any more and it gets wasted, any less and your gains aren’t as big. as for the water – i’d suggest 2-3 litres per day, 2 being the absolute minimum.

  14. true but then again how much water you talking about! more than the 8×8 rule obviously but even then just like you mentioned in order to keep your car running you need gas but at the same time you need to know how much gas to put in, in order to fill up the tank right?

  15. levymetal says:

    to bigmylow: the RDA is for normal people who are not trying to put on fat or muscle. 1 gram per pound is for bodybuilders, because, simply put, your muscles won’t grow without eating more protein. just like your car won’t go further unless you put more gas in the tank every time you fill up. yes, kidneys do work harder with protein rich diets, but if you drink a lot of water you’ll be fine.

  16. man i’m pretty skeptical though when it comes to protein intake i hear 1 gram per pound but then i hear about the RDA which is the goverment’s daily intake which is about 0.8 per kg (125lbs = 56kg) to avoid excess intake. And excess intake causes the kidneys to work harder. So what to believe?!?!?! X]

  17. venelis888 says:

    lee hayward kind of looks like a buff version of steve o

  18. AmericanPowerBase says:


  19. ThinKFasT03 says:

    for me glutamine doesn;’t feel necessary. If you think it works for you go for it.

    and steroids are bad =)

  20. ThinKFasT03 says:

    not sure if this will answer ur question but. in ur pre n post workout shakes

  21. eireboy17 says:

    vince and lee should come to europe 🙂 ireland prefarably. lol

  22. xxxAirWickxxx says:

    what about glutamine and steroids???

  23. eireboy17 says:

    when taking creo when should you take it?

  24. great tips, I’m glad you mentioned greens. women also have to take calcium

  25. tubesteakbooky says:

    thanks for the info,so much stuff being sold in magazines is overwhelming.

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