Raw Food Weight Loss 178 pounds! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #10

Juice Recipes for Healing * Fasting Juice Recipes * Vegetable Juicing * Vegetable Juice Recipes for Weight Loss * Raw Vegetable Diet * VIDEO #10 of my weekly chats w/ my friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker! ❤ For those new to this series, check out preceding videos here bit.ly & this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!: My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several diseases including colon cancer …

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  1. Wow this is an expensive juice.
    I’m just curious are juices better than smoothies or vice a versa.
    How much vitamins can your body absorb in one drink?

  2. AdiShakti62 says:

    Thank you for giving me the confidence to juice ahead of time — I have been hesitant to do this because I was afraid of oxidation. But I’m into it now!! And Dave, I’ll wave to you as you pass through Southern Oregon!!! Peace, Guys!!

  3. azmissdaisy says:

    You are looking good! Both of you!

  4. veganprincess01 says:

    Dave is Awesome!

  5. motoxbuddy says:

    1000 views ! Congrats Guys!

  6. mirpaterska says:

    Mr. Nature boy, great videos! Thank you!
    Since you are out there with your trailer, how about you use nature as your background instead of your truck?
    Just an idea…

  7. myroadhome says:

    DAVE and DAN (and Krista) – you are awesome!!!!!!

  8. joyousabundance says:

    I’m so inspired by you Dave. Today was my birthday and with my loot, I’m getting a juicer. I am on my way to health, buddy. See you there.

  9. fruitstache says:

    You guys are so inspiring! Dave, I can’t get over the change in you. Dan, have you ever thought about doing a juice challenge for your Youtube buddies? I would sign up for sure… I don’t know if I could do it on my own but I want to do it BAD and that would help so much! Dave, do you have a before picture from when you were at your heaviest? I know the contrast would be amazing. Thanks so much guys!!

  10. superwise100 says:

    this is a great video you know i gotta eat

  11. liferegenerator says:

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate you helping me out! I am now the most popular guy on the internet! LOL 😀

  12. KINGABYSS111 says:

    what no fruit today danny boy? lol!

  13. liferegenerator says:

    Only as much as you feel you want!

  14. motoxbuddy says:

    Coriander is Cilantro

  15. screenflicker1 says:

    To the best of my knowledge, Cilantro and corriander are the same. I think Cilantro is the leaves and corriander is the seed of Cilantro.

  16. Achillesreborn says:

    Do you absolutely HAVE to drink 1 Gallon of juice per day on juice feast without ill effects? I had 1L of green juice for a day last week and felt good…a little wired but good.

  17. motoxbuddy says:

    Top of the range Breville

  18. motoxbuddy says:

    Yes its Coriander.Strange that some NthAmericans say Cilantro but I heard others say Coriander

  19. arainbowfealing says:

    so nice to see you up there with your friend

  20. Dan, i can’t fint a translation to the word Cilantro in Hebrew or Russian. does it a coriander?

  21. LOVIN the videos — stayed up past my bed time to watch them!! This is sooo great to watch Dave have this major transformation. This is sooo wonderful for people out there! I want to open a raw restaurant/juice bar here in Canada. !! much love to you both 🙂

  22. ACEBAKER911 says:

    My o My o My o My

    i just gotta say the Heartfelt Honesty, Genuine Sincerity, Love and Compassion that shines through these videos is absolutely Positively Incredible !!!!!!

    Dan , Dave and Krista you all make quite a Team, No one out there does it better than you do , Thank You so much for all these Unique Inspiration and insights , amazing stuff

    Dave is Looking Great , the guy is Transforming right before our eyes ! These videos are INCREDIBLE !

  23. millennialgirl says:

    what was coming out of his skin? could you explain more? I did not see anything.

  24. millennialgirl says:

    what brand of juicer is this and how much did it cost?

  25. princesspamela1959 says:

    Its good to see you guys out there juicing in the breeze!!! Thats a nice bunch of veggies you got there!!! Keep on Keeping on so I can stay inspired and Keep on Keeping on!!!

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