The Basics About Cardiology Haverhill

Problems and disorders that affect the heart are what cardiology Haverhill is all about. If a doctor wants to specialize in this field then they will be known as a cardiologist. As the organ that keeps the body going the heart needs to be kept healthy and that is why it is important you know a bit about eh disorders that affect it.

Blood being provided to the heart is known as coronary circulation. A lot of disorders exist that affect this blood circulation with terrible effects. These disorders are classified under the general term coronary heart disease. Myocardial infarction also known as a heart attack is possibly one of the better known of these disorders and diseases.

Cardiologists will also have to deal with cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops functioning all together. When there is an absence of any electrical activity in the heart it is known as asystole. Ventricular fibrillation is when the rhythm of the heart is out and this can cause cardiac arrest.

A disorder that affects the muscles of the heart needs to be looked at as it can lead to heart failure. One of the muscle disorders is cardiomyopathy. With this disorder the heart muscle is affected and this stops it working properly. However, this particular disorder may go undiagnosed making it more dangerous for those with it.

Heart valves are what help the heart regulate where the blood it produces flows. Unfortunately, there are disorders that affect the valves. Valve disorders will generally only affect one valve at a time. However, they need to be looked at as the impact of faulty heart valves can be catastrophic to the rest of the body.

A number of diseases and disorders are covered by cardiology Haverhill. Diagnosis and treatment are two things that cardiologists have to know in order to help people. Read more about: Cardiology Haverhill

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